Crushed egg shells for calcium?


Has anyone tried using egg shells in their soil?? Any good results? My family eats a fair amount of eggs so i figured why not save some and try since i have read about for tomatoes in several different articles so hoping for some feedback.
P.s. i currently use Pro-mix herb n flower blend mixed with a good top soil from a near by nursury


Yes it’s is good the thing is u need to crunch them up real small put in spray bottle and spray away bless


What about just crushing and puttin in soil? Tomatoe growers put a whole egg at bottom of pot before puttin their soil and plant in. But never thought they can b crushed enuff to work i spray bottle tho, thanks for info. Do u spray whole plant or just wet soil with spray?


Crushed egg shells are great for your compost also tomotes are great source of calcium and are highin potassium, I compost both in my compost bin, never have used directly into my plants


I was going to say same as @Mrcrabs. What you want to do is compost them.


Be careful with egg shell as it raises pH much as I would say due to my XP. I don’t use it anymore as well as clay pebbles even I see many ppl use it.
I mixed about 3-4 tbsp of egg shell for 11L pot last time + about 2 tbsp directly under the seedling. I also added about the same amount of wood ash. Even the plant grew very well I had very big pH problems (8-9). Finally I got it yellowing and had to transplant.

During transplant I banned egg shell & wood ash for my new soil mix and added only peat (high/low), perlite, sand and clay pebbles. As the pot was big - 18L I added about 1L of clay pebbles for drainage and you know what … - I got pH = 11…
So I was forced to transplant again banning clay and using same mix (old one with 11pH adding some fresh peat only) - since that time everything was green and pH became constant like 6-7.
So I would recommend not to use all these organic supplements until you make a “super soil” preparing it for a long time and testing pH prior to use!

I remember you use Advanced Nutrients supps, so why not Cal-Mag-X. You can also try GHE CaliMagic - Nebula Haze uses it during entire grow with GHE Flora trio with great results. I never tried it (I use AN one listed above), but it has one benefit - less Nitrogen, so it’s easier to make your perfect formula for feeding chart.


For outdoor grows crushed eggshells on top of soil works well for keeping crawling soft body insects off plants


@whopee and @GreenJewels, thanks for the great info. I have not had any issues, ph is all good amd plants r happy happy :blush:. I was just curious about using them since my family uses alot of eggs. I also read an article about using outside as u @GreenJewels decribed . I will just keep tjem on hand in my freezer for summer outdoor pests. Thanks


Many use egg shells with good results. Pro-Mix is good , really don’t need egg shells