Cross pollination when do I do it

So I have some blue ninja pollen from my first grow, one of them decided it was going to be a mail. So I stored some pollen. When my white widow’s already I would like to pollinate one of them so I can start my own strain. When and howDo I apply the pollen

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Once you have clusters of white pistils, approx 2-4 weeks into flower.

Select a single cola to pollinate and label it. Cover the rest of the plant with plastic or something then use a fine paint brush to brush the pollen onto the cola you labeled.


So I don’t have to let the whole plant go to seed that would be great


Nope, you can try to pollinate as much or as little as you would like. Still a chance you can get done seeds in buds you weren’t trying to breed though.


Yup. Ive even pollenated a single plant with 2 diff pollens. Just use a bag. And spray em down after an hour or so. Water deactivates pollen… or whatever the word is