Cross pollination using hermies

From a fellow grower: Quick question I’m currently growing some nice product but some have become hermies and I was wondering if it is possible to cross pollinated to a feminized plant to get seeds? I know I can clone that’s not a problem but this herb is really good for my joint pain and I was thinking of trying to combine it with one that helps in sleep. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide in cross pollination and seed production.

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Yes you can.

Be aware that by using pollen from a plant that has went herm will most likely produce offspring with a propensity to herm.

Now compound that by the fact that you are pollinating a feminized plant, and you have introduced a secondary herm possibility.

So, you need to be ultra diligent in watching for male pollen sacks when flowering the off spring.

From a “breeders rules” stand point it’s a no no. But for making seeds for yourself, you can do whatever you want.

Also, join the forum and others will be able to learn from your experience.

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