Cross pollination from backyard?

My brother has deiced to plant a few seeds in the backyard. They are starting to Veg now. they are not feminized, how can this effect my indoor grow no more then 75 ft indoors?


Pollen can travel quite a distance in a windy environment. Insects can also carry pollen from plant to plant. I would be very concerned about it if only 75 feet away. The best you might do is to learn what male preflowers look like and chop males down as soon as they are identified as male.

Preflowers (calyxes at the nodes) are an indication that a plant is sexually mature but has not yet flowered. These preflowers will appear before you notice the plant flowering. Male preflowers will have a small stem of 1mm or so between the stalk and the individual calyxes. Male preflowers will also be absent hairs.


You can cull your males but I would think it quite difficult for a substantial amount, if any, pollen could/would make it indoors and overwhelm your ladies. On the slight chance a smidge did make it you plant wouldn’t be overwhelmed with seed. Post some follow ups later, it’d be an interesting outcome to follow up on.

Do y’all keep your windows open throughout the season? That may severely alter my opinion lol.


Right now they are closed in the lung room. i used to keep them open so carbon dioxide flows in . I also have a fan from the back of the closet so air is always flowing out .

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I checked, it seems they are just starting veg, and I cant tell yet, so as photoperiods i think i have a few weeks before the sacs open in flower… Thank you!

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@repins12 intentionally pollinates as a breeder and has mentioned how difficult it is to get a substantial seed haul indoors vs outdoors. Insects act as pollinators and on a note of positivity- a few seeds from a great pair of plants is hundreds in savings on purchases later lol.

Look for

This is my current male.