Crop rotation question

I have room to grow 2 plants in my closet grow room, and I’m setting up an old wardrobe as a veg-room to get the next plants ready.

Doing some math, my plants are 46 days old today from sprout. They are about as big as my veg-wardrobe could handle comfortable (with 2), so somewhere about 50days from harvest I should drop seeds.

At the end of week 12 (based on the Fox Farms nute schedule) she will be 98days.

Assuming a week or two of flushing, and posting pics saying “is it ready yet???” :smile: I’m probably looking at 112 days to harvest. This would put seed-drop at about 62days.

Does anyone see anything I’m missing? If not, I should drop the next seeds about Sept 4th-ish.

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Wondering if you have considered the Flowering Vertical growth jump? Plant will double in vertical height…before settling down and building buds.

Sounds like your time table will work out best to start
You might want to buildnin a extra week or two
Just incase you run into issue and need to correct them ?
Just a thought you font want to run into a situation where you dont have a home for the girls

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Since I think I will get a decent crop out of what I have going now, I think waiting a bit might be best, just to kee from stressing out a plant unnecessarily.

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I would err on the side of caution
Since you have limited space
If you getvthe time frame worked out tho youll always have something in flower woohoo

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Exactly why I am seeking opinions, and yours is valued, so thanks!