Crop or let them be?

A question from a fellow grower:

New to this. Bought some seeds in Denmark. Don’t know what species.
Plants are about 3 weeks old. As can be seen in photo, one is “bushy”; the other is “lanky” and reaching for the stars. Daily growth is about 1 inch on the tall guy. Feeding Flora Micro and Flora Gro at 1 tsp per gallon mix.

Growing indoors using 2 Phillips 100 watt Daylight Deluxe bulbs putting out 1,600 lumens each. Lights on for 17 hours each day.

Haven’t quite figured out a good watering schedule. Wondering if I should crop the tall guy or just let them be for a while?

Your plant on the right is a male,those are pollen sacks on it and that is probably the reason it is taller.males generally grow faster so they can shoot up and then drop the pollen down on the females

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Cash, your absolutely correct. It’s a male. But back to the original question, at what point do you top or prune the plant? do you prune other than to top?

That would all depend on what you’re trying to achieve I suppose. Some people prune to take the lower weaker growths out of the equation to focus energy to the top. And some people top their plant to keep them short and bushy or to create more colas.

Sorry I didn’t mean to skip over that question.I would agree with hydrogreens and say it all depends,if your not gonna be doing any training techniques then I would top it once it reaches about half the height of the grow space

Firstly, not an answer to your question but valuable anyway: I would lower the lights. The lights you are using are losing intensity quickly with distance. Put them a few cm above the plants.
Second: Get rid of the male one, unless you are planning to grow seeds.
Third: don’t prune till you get a 4th or 5th node, otherwise you will get unbalanced plants, which will spread out a lot , while having a very short and probably too weak stem to carry the buds later on.
Lastly: give every plant their own pot; they need room to develop roots, which will define the size and yield of your plants.

Actually, I’m sorry to bring bad news, but it looks like both of those plants have male flowers on them.

This is why you buy feminized seeds, so you don’t end up with male plants

I recently bought 20 auto feminized seeds from Dutch Seed Shop and 11 came up male. I was aggravated to say the least!

Wow I did not know they would do that.

Actually we’ve been discussing why feminized seeds won’t necessarily guarantee female plants in a few threads recently, including this one:

Thank you for all of the responses.

Now, the lower leaves on the tall plant have started curling, turning yellowish and dropping off. The PH is OK, according to my meter. The soil is moist(maybe too moist? The short plant is not experiencing the same issues.

Stopped watering 2 days ago to dry out the soil, a little. Never thought a weed would be so hard to grow. LOL

It is normal for the some of the lowest leaves to turn yellow and fall off, especially if there isn’t that bright of light.

But as I said above, both those plants have male flowers on them, they won’t produce anything worthy of smoking. Sorry.

Thanks. I guess it’s time to germinate more seeds.

Me too, back in the late 1970’s (yes I’m an old guy )we had bag seeds. stick seeds in ground, water when it got big we hung it to dry and it was done lol . But that when you got a 4 finger bag for 10 bucks.

The reason some growers do not produce females from feminized seeds is because they insist on growing under too high of a photo period. It is a proven fact that the shorter the photo period, the higher % chance of females. According to “Henk” from Dutch Passion* in Amsterdam; !4/10 photo period, along with consistent RH, and temps create more females; Even from feminized seeds.

So; If you buy feminized seeds, and insist on growing them under 24/0 photo period; You will get males.

  • a rough translation of an excerpt from J. Cervantes book. The Indoor Grow Bible.

I hear bro brown bags whatever happen to good days

So what is the correct process to make sure your feminised seeds will remain female

Pretty simple really,

Grow them naturally under normal light photo periods. I am getting ready to start my 1st Fem seeds. I have always used Regulars And; I am doing my 1st Auto flower grow in order to teach you all better.

I never use a longer photo period than 18/6, but I usually start out at 16/10. Better root production, and less stretching after transition.

I have already learned this regarding Auto Flower seeds. I used 24/0 for 4-5 days after propagation. The sprouts just sat there. The last 4-5 days; I changed to a 18/6 photo period, and the WW autos have doubled in size the last 2 days. I am going to have my partner in crime Tester57 do a grow journal on WW auto grow. It is going to be a side by side DWC, Ebb&Flow, 5 gallon smart pot informational guide.

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