Crohns Ulcerative Colitis IBS and stomach issues

My disagreement is about inflammation. Yes, certain things can cause stomach problems. But did you know that smoking will actually cause stomach issues? What happens is nicotine will effect the natural balance in your stomach. My Doctors told me that and I did finally quit smoking cigars in Nov 2019. I do seem to have less acid reflux incidents and that is good.

Mint can effect the natural balance of your stomach. When the VA did my very first Upper GI to my last one a couple years ago my stomach with all my problems didn’t have any scar tissue nor any signs of ulcers.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you will have less problems. I was on a pretty strict Vegan Diet from Feb 27th, 2019 to May 27th, 2019 in South Africa and my inflammation got worse. I also didn’t have much dairy either due to our strict diet at the Vervet Monkey Foundation.

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I’ve actually had a lot of success with CBD. I was taking 9mg a day of Budesonide and I’ve reduced it to 3mg a day with CBD.

I have a really severe case of Chronic GERD and also a double whammy strikes. I have a Hiatal Hernia which allows the acid to go into my esophagus. Now the real problem is that I also have what is called Barrett’s Esophagus. This is a serious danger risk due to the acid able to escape my stomach into the esophagus. It increases your change of getting Esophageal Cancer big time. I was lucky my cancer was caught when I was 32.

We had this girl from England that had a bad case of IBS and she had to switch to a Vegan Diet. She still had plenty of incidents and she read every label and watched what she consumed.

Do you take any over the counter or prescribed medications?

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Check this out…may help you


**[quote=“Skydiver, post:124, topic:32779, full:true”]
Do you take any over the counter or prescribed medications?

I don’t do OTC at all. Except when I get sick. I’m a Disabled Veteran on plenty of prescriptions. I really have no choice in that regards. Because if I didn’t, I’d put a gun to my head pretty fast once again.

My medical problems is extensive. I was also finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in Oct 2019. I suffer from at least 16 pinched nerves between my Cervical spine and the Lumbar spine. Scoliosis, arthritis, bursitis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, pelvic is tilted, left leg is 1” shorter than the right. Chronic GERD, Barrett’s Esophagus, Hiatal Hernia. My Sciatic and Femoral Nerves to both legs is 20% dead aka I will finally wake up paralyzed from the waist down at some point. Inoperable.

Multi-facet disc degeneration, bulging discs, severe spinal stenosis in neck and lumbar. The middle of my spine has never been checked but I o ow damage is there. My L5 disc actually had naturally degenerated which my Doctors can’t believe I’m walking at all. My PC Doc says I’m a Medical marvel.

Now fibromyalgia as the latest diagnosis. I can’t feel my left and right hands. I can’t have kids…even Viagra doesn’t help. Now there is more I could write but you get the idea. LOL

All from my injury in the US Army. As I get older, more problems arise. Now I have discussed with my PC Doc about once I get enough marijuana in stock, we are planning to start dropping some of my pills permanently. He is behind me 100% about this.

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I’m not the typical patient. I research everything. Most of the GERD talk I would agree with. But when he said the stomach produces basically the exact amount of stomach acid isn’t always true.

My stomach produces to much acid. I don’t have a Gall Bladder either. With a Hiatal Hernia, it means the top of the stomach can’t close off properly and acid reflux happens. Sometimes you don’t even know if it is going on at all and other times you can’t mistake it because the acid goes up into your mouth and nose. It also means acid can go into the Bronchial tubes in your lungs.

I was diagnosed with Asthma but none of the medications can treat it. So I asked my one doctor if acid in the lungs can cause pockets in the tubes so when they fill up with mucus can it cause breathing issues and she agreed that it would and could.

My Primary Carr Doctor will ask me what kind of treatments I should do. He is very impressed with my medical knowledge.

Also I forgot to add about the video clip on GERD. Taking day Tums daily will eventually cause stomach issues at some point. But also taking medications to treat acid reflux has a whole bunch of problems it can cause with your bones. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

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so im similar, I take protein pump inhibitors daily, for the last 10-15 years… im 38…its genetic, when I take them im like a normal person… if I stop for a day look out… pretty unpleasant…tried natural stuff, doesn’t work for me… u can but them over the counter here now… :smirk:

had the endoscopy, and the lectures from gastroenterologists, surgery these days isn’t too bad apparently, at the time it wasn’t the best apparently… or one tablet that stops it… :grin:

I am by noway complaining I have a friend with severe crohns and it is horrible… :angry:

@kettle I know all about what happens if I don’t take my Pantaprazole. Miss it for a day and It’s brutal. PPI’s cause their own medical problems with long time use but sometimes it’s better than the alternative.

Now when I’ve been in Amsterdam I was able to get away with not taking my meds. But I was smoking some killer weed that got me high for up to 4 hours and this calmed the stomach down real fast.

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u know it… if I have it life is good, if I don’t it sucks… I need to look at the long term use… I don’t know if I want to know… and have asthma have since a little, kidandi think they are related… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I too have the same issue

You don’t want to know. Your Doctor did a Risk Assessment and determined that you need it vs leaving it unchecked.

Mine was left unchecked for years and I had developed Esophageal Cancer when I was 32. Gotta hate the Barrett’s Esophagus. My GI Doctor broke the news this way. “You have Esophageal Cancer and 5 years to live. There is nothing we can do.” I had to drive 83 miles and it was the longest drive in my life.

I went to see a buddy and he could see I was shell shocked. I told him what was wrong and he asked what are you going to do about it. Well I replied with getting drunk and smoking a bunch of expensive cigars. So that is what we did. I managed somehow to go down 3 flights of stairs wasted and I wrote my family and friends emails.

Went to bed. I awake at 10pm with someone pounding on my door. I get up and answered it. It was the damn Police doing a Welfare Check. Turns out I slept for 38 hours straight.

Turns out my half brother called the cops and said I may have ended my life. Hell no…my plan was to have one continuous party. Hell I took alcohol in a coffee cup to my classes at the University. Nothing was going to stop me from having a blast.

My mom found that the Mayo Clinic had two serious Research Project dealing with exactly what I have. So I pestered the VA Admin for 6 months as the Mayo Clinic would covering everything but food and a place to stay for like 6 months. Magically the VA Hospital in Kansas City had the cure. I’ve been clean since July/August 2004.

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wow… :grimacing: glad your battling… :metal:

that’s what they said the risk was, and the doctor said alcohol was only adding %10 to the problem so I continued demolishing it… worth the %10 in my mind… :crazy_face:

I don’t drink much due to that I will black out because of my medications. I guess I had a grand all time at our neighbors. She has the hotsfor me and actually has sexually assaulted me plenty of times. She is married so my morals kick in. Somehow while I blacked out I took a couple photos of her bending over in front of me.

So yeah…I rarely drink. :joy:

I don’t anymore… too much of a good thing… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: trust me im better without it… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’ll pour like a 1/2 oz of my Single Malts and will take a few hours to drink it. No problems with blacking out doing this. I may have some every 6 months. I still have a Bigfoot 2018 Barley wine. It’s not unusual that a 6 pack will last me up to 5 years.

Now my pain management in the Army was hard liquor. I drank so much the last week of getting out aka I drank a 6 pack of beer and half of a 1.75 Liter jug of Southern Comfort 50% ABV. I remember the whole night still and I woke up with no hangover. I couldn’t drink for the next three years. One sip of beer made me physically sick to my stomach.

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Check this out…

This is some amazing stuff…new to me anyway some may have already been aware but anyway WOW. Also tells me that by decarbing the flower and just eating it or making budder with it keeps it closer to the soil and as Ive gone through my issues I found by eating as close to “the ground” as you can you get more from it. Once processing begins of something is the start of loosing things of value that it contains…my thoughts…stoned moments can be clear.
Know anyone with well with many diseases…this article touches on CBGA / CBG and some studies linked in the article and it’s trials and uses currently and possible to stop / reverse and maybe help cure those at Dis Ease.
Of course the poor diets of most people now a days pushes them to the Dis Ease side and just changing what one lets into their soil (eats) can also stop / reverse or maybe even cure those with Dis Ease and make them At Ease
Pass it on if you see any value in the info as it may help others.
Can’t post the link here but you can surf to it and there are 5 or 6 in text links to click for studies etc.

Hope this helps and pay it forward…knowledge is power

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Had to get me some of that CBG flower to try

Decarb and eat me some

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Corona virus explained well…

Dr Bergman has many great videos covering many medical issues we face.