Crohn's and colitis

If anyone has used cannabis to treat symptoms of Crohns and colitis I would be really interested in hearing your stories. What is the best strain? Do you take other medicines? That kind of thing.

I have just started growing for a loved one and am anxious to get it right. Her symptoms are stabbing pains in the right lower abdomen, diarreah, nausea, extreme tiredness, loss of appetite, anxiety and depression.

There is a fairly strong history of mental illness in her family, which I understand is a reason to be very cautious with cannabis. It has taken me almost a year of watching her improve while smoking weed she buys off the street corner in order to accept that either there is something pretty magical in it or it is just a wild coincidence that she has improved to the point where she has not taken immune suppressants for 6 months and is better than she has been in years. Could also be psychological placebo effect I guess, but who cares what it is if it makes her feel well enough to enjoy life and go outside. I am growing a strain called euphoria as my first attempt- it is apparently 9% THC and “High” in CBD.

Thanks for any tips!


not sure about crohns… however there are several strains that help treat anxiety and depression. ILGM’s chocolope and Super Silver Haze come to mind … they will also both be more energizing than some strains so may help with fatigue and lack of energy… blueberry I think would help more with nausea

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Hey Liliana,
I’m sorry to hear about your loved one. I hope those of us here can help get her some relief. Hog’s Breath is a newer strain and is said to help with Chron’s(which my cousin has so I know what you are going through). Euphoria is more for depression then anything else. Crohn’s is the more significant disease so should be the primary focus. Hog’s Breath will help with that. Once my cousin felt better the depression and anxiety subsided, which I am hoping will be the case for your loved one.
Your doing an incredible thing growing for them. It is a labor of love which you obviously possess. You will do fine. Feel free to ask question and we will help in any way we can.


@Liliana .Oak is rite on about the super siver haze .it is a good one as a anti depressant .you get very high but don’t get the sedative effect from it .A good for depression and get up and do things kind i have grown it recently and placed it in the first bud of the month contest . but for bad days and ab pains go with high CBD’s .itll help with the nausea …Hope this helps your loved one find comfort …Hammer