Critters known for digging up and/or eating recent outdoor transplants? Prevention?

Outdoor guerilla grow in SE US. Well secluded and not possibly spotted from the air yet.

I just lost 2 more clones which were 6+" tall when I checked on them about a week ago and had like a tomato wire ring around them only with 2x3" squares and 12+" tall. The rings were in place, the peat pods within a foot of that, and the plants are gone this time. One other more recent transplant had the pod dug out and moved a few inches but left uneaten. Put her back in her spot and watered her up hoping it will revive. This is becoming a HUGE problem! I started putting the rings around them when I had others dug up but left uneaten. I suspect the critter likes my added soil for some reason. I am nearly certain these things were not done by a human but by some kind of critter that I need to prevent from doing more of this! Possum, skunk, coons, deer, turkey, mice etc are all in abundance in the area. Any ideas who is the culprit and how to stop them from killing any more of my girls? I’ve lost 5 out of 14 so far and am extremely unhappy about it. Any thoughts or suggestion for me?

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Get some critter ridder. This is what I’d use in your situation. Perimeter around plants. The capsaicin should keep them away if not human.

Or the original.

The cayenne would be stronger. Same concept


If I were you I’d get some sort of fence up around the plants, this will prevent the critters from getting to them. Chicken wire would work, or anything with small holes. Get some wood stakes put them around the plant and run the fence.

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@Flying-High I have had that happen to me outside grow, with plants directly in the ground. I’ve also had the holes dug up prior to putting the plant in it. I always have my holes ready a couple months ahead of time. The varmints (coyotes, skunks possums)smell the blood meal an bone meal Etc. I started laying flat rocks around the hole to keep them from digging it out. Just my thoughts my friend good luck.

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I actually made some cayenne, black tea, and cinnamon spray I put on them before when I had a digger. Thought that as they got bigger the critters would leave them alone. The spray also tends to work well on bugs and it’s completely natural. Now I’m thinking of just sprinkling dry cayenne flakes all over and around the girls now. I got 3 separate locations and all have had a digger show up. The SOB wiped out one of my locations this last week, now down to 2 spots.

I had some metal rings around the girls that got wiped out this week. Seems the 2x3" holes didn’t deter the SOB. Guerrilla grows survive on stealth, it is hard to drag a bunch of fencing supplies off into the woods and not raise suspicions if seen. I’m always quite nervous to be seen bringing gallons or 2 ltr bottles of water and nutes to the girls. My rings I had like 12"x12" flat sheets of wire mesh I carried in and rolled up and installed at the plants. Anything that can’t fit in a small backpack is kind of hard to utilize, IMHO. ;^)

Like Jerry used to say. Gotta plant 3 for every one you want. 1 for the deer, 1 for the theives and one for you.