Critique needed. Day 9 of flowering 1st grow

Day 48
Week 8
Day 9 flowering
White Widow Auto

I’ve been pretty mesmerized watching what’s happening in the tent. Looking with a magnifying glass sometimes I wonder if I’ll end up with a crop of cockle burrs. LOL

I tell you, someone could stick a feather up my butt and I couldn’t be more tickled. I do have one concern though:

The leaves, or growth, is sort of a yellowish green and I don’t know if that’s normal and if they darken over time.

It’s going to be fun time watching this girl over the next couple weeks. It’s a marvel to see something start from a small seed and see what and how it comes to be.

Any tips appreciated and let me know about the yellowish leaves.

Peace and Blessings


New growth comes in lime green and darkens over time. Particularly after transition. You say 48 days (7 weeks) and 9 days into flower: did you account for 10 days of transition? If 9 days since the flip to 12/12 you are more like day 1. This is helpful to forecast actual harvest window.

Plant looks happy.


If your referring to the new growth being lighter in colour this is perfectly normal. Plant looks healthy :+1:


@Myfriendis410 You, my friend are a bummer of bad news. :grin: I had visions of ripe bud roasting over an open fire between Christmas and New Years day, but then I turned the page and read about weeks 3-6 of the flowering process pushing giving flowers to loved ones on Valentines day :heart_eyes:.
What now? Easter eggs? LOL


Better to know now: sorry. You’re doing fine so plan your harvest around flowering times (although they are only approximate).


Even more bad news. You will be lucky if it finishes by Valentines Day.


@MrPeat I know. That’s why I’m hoping my buds end up looking like Easter eggs. I’ll put them in little baskets and give them out to the grown up kids


Oh hell where’s that line start! I want some! I’m a grown up kid…kinda.

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I’d like to be invited to this Easter egg hunt plz


Ps how many plants is this?

Don’t forget drying and curing time too :disappointed::v:

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one plant

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it will be cured like a fine bourbon :sparkling_heart:

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Monster auto

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