Critique my grow tent (please :) )


Cheers. I’m at home a fair bit (student, not the drinky type haha) so I imagine i’ll be checking in on them constantly. I’m happy to have the window open to let fresh air in most of the time, only when my permanently cold girlfriend is about will that not be a possibility! I’m going to Dublin for 3 days soon, thats the least amount of time i will take care of them


as long as they have a bit of H2O, then 3 days is cool…i am in west wales and I have left them for a week and it was zero problemo,…just don’t drown them before you go…:man_farmer:


Just a quick update for anyone concerned, I’ve switched my humidifier and heater off, it’s running steady at 22C and 45RH. Is it just me or have a i wasted money on extra equipment…? Found a website that says indoors like 21-23, some say 25-28. I can’t find anything on my strain regarding temperature so I think i’m just gonna go for it as it is


Not in my GIF … In my GIF he loves it


nice grow @TheRabbi


Was that sarcasm due to the lack of plant? haha


I think what @BIGE was trying to say was you’re off to a great start.


Thanks guys :slight_smile: I actually feel more confident this evening than I did this morning.

I moved my seeds from a “room that gets heating when the girlfriend wants it” to my tent with the light on for warmth (seeds wrapped so they are in darkness) and they have popped like heck! Think it’s time to pot them tomorrow :slight_smile:

Couple of my mates have said “Must be great thinking you can get stoned whenever you want”. I swear i’m currently enjoying the parenting side haha, i’m already so proud of my little ones <3


study the GUIDES above for the keys to Green Kingdom…it would help if you are studying Botany, as you are about to…ho ho. :seedling::rainbow:

this is a MUST download


Somebody say Green Kingdom?



Four weeks from harvest wow she is huge good job


info 4U :man_farmer:


Lmao​:thinking::thinking: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


hey @James68, thanks a bunch for this picture. even though i’m a retired eng., it only took me a half hour to figure out how to get this plant deficiencies picture onto my laptop so that i could find it. I love this forum for learning to grow plants, wish there was one for how to get things done my my puter LOL:grin:


Hello monkman,
here is another picture that you can apply your new found computer skills with :sunglasses:



Hey @James68 thanks bud :grin:. this shot reminds me of the skunk i had in the late 80’s though the trichomes were even thicker… was pretty sure that they were coagulating in 1/8 to 1/4 in balls on the leaves they were so thick but now think that I might be using those “rose colored glasses” for my perspective so can be taken with a grain of salt. I will admit to a propensity to exaggerate LOL.