Critique my grow tent (please :) )


If the tent sides are sucking in too much, that would indicate that the intake duct is not large enough or is restricted. The idea here is to move air through the tent (cooling), not to suck the air out of the tent. When I use the tent, I insure that the intake duct is at least as large as the outlet duct. I get VERY slight (barely noticeable) sucking in of the tents walls. You are probably fine, just don’t want to see you over heat due to lack of air flow when you get everything running. I run an A/C unit to keep my temperatures under control due to the large amount of heat produced by the lights and dehumidifier.


Don’t attach duct to humidifier like that. For most of your grow getting fresh air in will be more important than humidity. If you need humidity up, just place it so mist is sucked into duct.


The only problem I had when i didn’t attach it is that i could’t get the humidity anywhere near 70 for the early stage, also whenever the heater comes on it would merk the RH all the way down to about 30% (this is with it just kinda flowing towards the hole rather than being ducted through it)


Thanks :slight_smile: I’ve had it running for a little while now and it’s not hit over 24C yet so should be ok? It does feel like theres a good amount of air flowing through there but I suppose i’m just guessing


You can put a dome over seedlings to maintain enough moisture, people often use half pop bottles.


The high humidity required during the early stages (only about two weeks) is best achieved by placing the seedlings or clones in a dome. Much easier than trying to get the rH up in the whole tent.

During the bulk of the grow, high rH is mostly to be avoided as far as I know.

You may find that the heater will not be required when you get the lights going. I have a small heater to prevent super low temperatures in the case of a failure of some sort. Never comes on, it is just for emergency.


To both comments above, thank you very much. I will concentrate more on getting fresh air into the tent rather than pumping it with humidity. I think i’ll take the ducting off and just aim it towards the intake hole. I feel like i still need it operating because of the heaters presence.

Que environment test #3047285 haha


Without the heater my temps end up dropping to about 16C! my house is cold haha. From what i gather it needs to kept like 21-28? please correct me if i’m wrong


Agreed, 16C is a bit low, I shoot for about 21C when lights are off, and 25C when lights are on.

Is the 16C with lights on or off? When I started last January, I thought I needed a heater but soon found out that the thermal mass of the soil and plants were enough to keep temperatures in range. I just turn off the exhaust fan when lights go out.


What is that on the ducting is it a bulb


I’ve done that many different tests now haha. I’m gonna now do a test with no heater, just the light on with a bit of humidity coming through. It does get as high as about 29C, if i could do without the heater and just lights that’d be perfect. I was under the impression that with auto’s i could keep the light on 24/7


I don’t grow autos but my understanding is that 18/6 is fine. All plants benefit from a period of darkness each day. IMO 29C is too hot! My upper limit is 82F (28C). That is a small difference but you must draw the line somewhere and you do want a bit of margin between your maximum temperature and the temperature where plant damage occurs.


Thought id start on them just so i can (almost) guarantee myself a decent smoke at the end of it. Will probably just switch them off for a few hours a day then :slight_smile:


Maybe you’re talking about the humidifier light? I’ve taken the ducting off that now


It’s the thing on top of the ten or is that you fan


Yes pal thats my fan, she was spinning when i took the pic


Autos are a pretty hard plant temp wise…but
maybe the odourless Frisian Duck is best for your situation :rabbit:


Never heard of that before, looks interesting! gonna stick with my Six Shooters cuz they’re about germi’d now. Gaaargh heres me thinking that auto’s were the simpler option…


my buddy in northern Ireland grows the duck and he says great things about the Quack …almost zero smell …but a head banging stone de luxe.

I think you may need to keep an eye out for moUld in and out of your tent…air your flat late at night to shed some of the moisture (rH) in your environment if mushrooms start sprouting on the ceiling…:rabbit:


Gaaargh heres me thinking that auto’s were the simpler option…

every last person here was a beginner…you are in fine company…Welcome :man_farmer: