Critique my grow tent (please :) )

Due to limited space I currently don’t have an intake fan… Is this a massive problem? I want to do this grow as efficiently as possible but I have limited space/plugs due to sharing with my girlfriend. The house in general is very airy and humid but not very warm.

I couldn’t find a perfect place for the fan, some of it is hitting the light but I think there is still decent circulation. I do have a fan sucking the air out through a carbon filter and i thought this would be enough for air intake if i leave a small air hole in the side (Am i going to have a problem with smell?)

3rd concern is that the humidfier fog hits my light, I can’t see how this can be avoided so i’m guessing it’s not going to cause any blazing inferno’s?

p.s please ignore the temp/RH meter, i’d only just placed it in there. Temps and RH are running fine now, so i’m moving onto the next thing to be concerned about haha.

As always any help is HUGELY appreciated, you’ve all been very helpful so far. If i could smoke a fat one with you all I would.

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BALLS i forgot the pictures, hold on!!

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There’s no plantunnamed-1


My tupperwear box wrapped in a hoodie is working on that :slight_smile: How many would you put in there out of interest? I wanted 3 at first but looking at what space i’ve got left i’m considering doing just 1 :frowning:

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Only planning on putting auto’s in here at the moment as well

Better to wait for experienced growers but I’m sure they will ask what strains are you considering to get an idea of the size of plants.

Looks like you got it operational, smell will be a problem once Flower stage starts, and in order to vent it through a carbon filter you have to have a strong enough in line fan. They normally hang from the ceiling of the tent to one side of the light. Other than that man! looks like you nailed it , and really you have till like week 6 before smell hits so got that long to get a filter and fan.

Mines 2x2x4 heres my pics…

I’m still a bit unclear because ours look quite similair? I have a Carbon filter attached to a fan thats sucking all the air out of the tent and venting into the room, is that not enough for smell filter?

With the exhaust fan running pulling warm stale air out through the filter . hole open at the bottom should create a good negative pressure inside the tent taking care of all the smell. I would probably move the humidifier outside the tent by the pass through hole. Good luck

Some better pictures of my filter set up


If you have any 4" ducting leftover…you can place about a 3’ section in the bottom port on left side of tent. Then place your humidifier between tent and dresser? Then have other end of duct above humidifier… the intake fan should suck the moisture inside tent.

Let me see if I can find my pictures…


Like-a-dis? I left a bit of a gap so just air can come through as well. Will obviously neaten it up just did it quickly

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Unless you live in a particularly dry (rH < 40% or so) I would only be concerned with raising rH during seedling/rooting (clones) stage.

I run my rH 45% - 55% during all of veg, I push it down as low as possible after the 4th week of flower, 30% is my hope, normally only get to 35%.

Having your rH too high may lead to mold problems and can also effect the transpiration process the plant relies on to maintain its metabolism.

Other, more experienced growers may weigh in on this with other ideas.
Your setup looks quite good, as mentioned by @kellydans, all you need to control odor is a carbon filter and fan arrangement that produces a slight negative pressure inside your tent/grow room. If air is drawn in when you unzip, then you have negative pressure.

This a Purple Haze clone which is about four weeks from harvest:

The plant is about 4 1/2 feet tall, no pruning or topping, under 1800 watts of LED lighting.
This grow is comprised of eight plants, four strains.

Happy growing and good luck.


2 plants will fill it out nicely


Frank Zappa was anti-pot.

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Theres something quite beautiful about just letting them do their thing… Love the chaos. Thanks for a very informative post. I’m 99% sure I have negative pressure on my tent as it looks more deflated than inflated when everythings running. Can’t wait for my babies to germinate now!

Thanks! I got scared cuz I lost my original seeds now i’m planting backups which are meant to be very tall for auto’s, so I wondered if it might be a bit too much to have 2 plants having LST in a tent that size

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Looks good! Other than I would leave the humidifier end more open so more air can get thru the duct. :+1:

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Exactly what i was thinking mate cheers. Will tidy it all up then do a proper environment test overnight.

I seriously love this forum!