Critique my Grow Room

Hey guys getting ready for my first grow and got my setup pretty well complete so I thought I’d post some pictures to get your opinions and maybe answer some questions I have. First the pictures.

Here’s my 5x5x7 Amazon tent. With a 1200w Philzon LED full spectrum light and I have a matching light on the way.

My heater and humidifier. Tent was 19C(66F) with everything off.

This is my carbon filter running to a 6" exhaust fan. Also where I decided to hide my power bar.

So on the way I have:
Another 1200watt Philzon LED light
5x 7gal grow bags
PH meter
6" oscillating fan
Scrog net
Bud Microscope
And for soil I’m going to get some ProMix

So now to my questions :slight_smile:

  1. With this setup do you think I could flower 4 Autoflowers successfully?

  2. With everything turned off my tent was reading 19C(66F) and 45% RH. With my fan on its lowest setting, light on, heater keeping the room approx 26C(79F) and my humidifier on max I can only get up to 40% RH. This humidifier is supposed to be good for a 750sq ft room. Is 40% RH sufficient? Will it go up with my plants? This is hoping adding my second light won’t drop the RH anymore.



Yes you can flower 4 plants very nice and easy in that tent. I run 2 600w hps/mh lights in my 4x4x6 tent and do 6 plants each time. My highest temperature on hottest summer is 93 in tent when it’s a 106 outside. You look good for your RH mine gets a little higher right before flower.
I don’t know about your light’s what are the actual watts consumption from the wall?

Good morning! You will want to target 50 true watts per square foot with one of the full spectrum leds such as yours. They list as 1200 watts but that is not completely accurate. Look for how much it consumes from the wall. I would guess around 200 watts.

Love the 5x5 tents! Considerably more work space than a 4x4. You will appreciate :ok_hand:

I run hydroponics so I can’t comment on your soil setup but from first glance and minimal soil knowledge, looks good.

4 plants in a 5x5 SCRoG works! I would look a little closer at your lighting though… Be careful with Amazon lights…

There are several folks on here that can help with illumination. It is kind of a “rabbit hole” subject … :metal:

Forgot your RH question…

Your values will fluctuate with plant respiration and outside conditions. Lighting will also effect your values.

Environmentals should be a focal point given this is a new set up but soon you will gain your feel. We can help you! There are a ton of helpful folks here.

Gotta get some plants in there … :sunglasses::metal:

Set up looks great! I agree with @Poseidon you may need to revisit the lighting. I wish I had room for a 5x5. I have 5 autos in a 3x3 and it is starting to get full.:+1:t2:

If you do photos in the tent you will want to eliminate the light from your power supply. The light could cause them to hermi.


I fall in line with others, growing in relatively large pots for indoors, I’m guessing you want larger plants. In which case you’ll be a little weak on lighting even with two of them. Something else that jumps out with larger indoor grow, you may want to try controlling rh from your intake air. That would likely mean larger humidifier and dehumidifier for most climates. Probably worth trying without, but may want to leave some funds available in case you run into issues later.

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Remove your humidifier and nutrients from the tent. Nutrients should not be directly exposed to light.
Humidifier will work better outside of the tent, directed at an intake, and use distilled water. (No minerals)
Heater is not necessary at 66°F chilly yes, but they’ll grow just fine. As long as they get warmer during the day they’ll do great. @DATAPAK420


FYI this is not soil; it’s a media and is free of nutrients. You will have to provide all nutes for the plants using it. I love the stuff; it will out perform soil if everything is done right.

I agree with everyone else: more light for that space.

Don’t forget a timer. PH up and down. TDS meter. A couple of thermometers/hygrometers to monitor the environment.

I would strongly suggest you go to school on the SCROG technique before using. It is advisable to not use one screen for multiple plants as every plant will behave differently. If you want to pull one out to flush it you won’t be able to. Harvesting one ahead of the others would be impossible or very hard.


An oscillating fan, or two, wouldn’t hurt.


I have the General Hydroponics nute system on hand as well as a timer and the pH up and down and the lights each came with a thermometer/hygrometer so I have all that covered as well.

As for the scrog net that will be for a later grow and just ordered it with everything else. To start off with I’m going to grow some high yielding easy to grow Trainwreck Autos from Crop King.

I know the lighting system is subpar but this is what I was able to afford at the time, it gets expensive buying everything and starting from scratch but my plan is to invest in better lighting in the way of QBs by my 2nd grow, at least one QB supplemented by my Amazon lights till I can get rid of them completely.


That light would be enough to do one or two plants—maybe just grow a couple? Which can be a really good idea for a new grower to get a handle on the basics.


i agree with Myfriend,
return the 2nd Blurple and use that money towards QB’s.!!
the LED u have will do an auto or 2, this would be a great way to start.!

those Philzon LED’s r not good, they will work, but not good,
don’t waste your money on another one, u will find this out with your 1st QB.!