Critics & Cheerleaders Needed


Pro-mix good start. Pro-mix awesome. Pro-mix no nutes. So choose wisely to make it easy for you. :slight_smile:


I’m using Earth Juice, if that helps. Seems to be doing fine with a weekly feeding, and occasional supplemental foliar feeds during veg.


Supposedly Promix doesn’t retain salts like coco, has a higher PH and dries more quickly than coco. I always followed a hydro or soil less schedule, exercising common sense whenever possible. I tried to keep the tds around 900 ppm and did a feed water feed water cycle. You can apparently treat it as soil, or treat it as a hydro medium and feed or water daily, regardless of how wet the medium is. Brian uses coco (less airy) and waters or feeds daily. His medium is always wet. I couldn’t bring myself to do that and let mine dry between watering or feeding. If I WERE going to water or feed daily I would probably want something in it to prevent root rot like in hydro: hydroguard or something along those lines.

I never played with anything other than the FF, GH and Grow More. But they all worked fine. I am just too stupid to use any of the lines that require mixing multiple products lol.


Ok still waiting for last bananna kush to pop. Can see it trying this morning so hopefully by time i get home se will be up. Transplanting the crystal & g glue monday. Amazing the difference already. Ive never grown a sativa dominant before & theres alot of more spacing between each set of leaves. The crystal is more compact with mich smaller spacing.


This is one of the Most Frustrating grows ever & theyve yet to be put into pots yet. Thought the last bananna kush to pop yesterday but so far nothing :frowning_face:


It’ll happen, be patient.


“Lord, give me patience. I need it now!” Haha.


Gorilla glue #4


Bananna kush
Sadly the other didnt make it. So 2 outta 5 germinated.


Crystal. Shes oldest & was in need of nutes. Got em today.