Critics & Cheerleaders Needed


My pics are too good but here goes


As you can see the 2 girls in back are having the calmag issues
GG4 is already thru scrog. The banannas are 2 & 3 weeks younger. Had germination issues with them. Pushing them to grow but as you can see they are very bushy.




You’re looking good, Laura. It looks like you’ve got some nice knuckles on some of those bends. This should be a good scrod as they grow into it!


I don’t really see a calmag issue?


Almost knocked it out. If you look at the back 2 theyre a lighter green. After 3 applications of calmag theyre getting a dark green again.


I seen lighter green, was just thinking that was nitrogen in general. Most calmags pretty high in nitrogen though, so will definitely cover it. Good fix!


Thamks Boo. Happy to see ya!!!


@Myfriendis410 this is weird. It looks like it was sprayed with yellow fluorescent paint. It came out this way & all other fan leaves are green & healthy. Any thoughts?


Not sure what everyone else thinks, but one leaf that cane out like that I wouldn’t worry about if everything else looks good.


I had that happen on one leaf on one plant. I called it a “harlequin” leaf lol. It could be light bleaching but I don’t think so.


The rest of the plant is thick , lush & green. Just thought how weird and kinda cool.


I can tell the super cropping is paying off. Sending pics tonight. With the calmag issues the gg4 & crystal were kinda sparse. Now they getting thick & green. Have supercropped all but last bananna kush. Shes just now getting to the scrog. Will be flipping in about 7-10 days. Keep fingers crossed for a big harvest! Have gotten too much bad news lately, ready for a 2 and half pounder!!


Its time for stupid question time:
With the scrog do i flip as soon as they reach the scrog?
All growth under scrog needs to be removed? Should this be done before flip? Also do i stop tucking under once i have a full canopy & grow upwards?
Pics below




You would usually flip before screen gets completely full, then continue to train to screen through first part of transition. As far as clearing under canopy pre flip, it’s mainly stuff that has no chance of making it to canopy level you’d be clearing. Anything that has a chance of becoming a top I would leave and take oit later if need be.


Right now the last bananna is starting to come thru scrog. I am realizing harvest will be a bit more difficult with 3 strains as ive already looped some into others part of scrog. At this point i can retrain them to other spots correct?


I believe standard operating procedure there is to just lightly bend in whichever direction you need. That’s probably the biggest reason you’ll see some recommend against multiple plants in same screen. You can work through it though.