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So I start to supercrop when I have enough branch length to support monkeying with them. Maybe 12" tall? And it just depends on the plant when and how much I supercrop. What I’m trying to do is spread the plant out and bring lower branches up to SCROG height.

I’m cheap so I take the plants out for sun whenever possible. The SCROG is screwed together in strategic locations to allow me to pick up the plant with the screen and carry it around. It’s tie-wrapped to the planter to keep everything together.


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So you do an individual scrog for each plant? I havent tried the supercropping or scrog so that may be why my yeild is so low or @ least one of the problems. So @ what height would you suggest to start scrog. The girls are only 1-2 weeks old, 3 have been topped, & 2 have been lstd. I truly do appreciate your time & information during this grow!!


I like to have a bit of room under the screen so I can water and fertilize etc. so around 12" to 16" from the top of the pot is where I like to be: Right around 28" total height. It makes for a compact plant that I can move around readily and still get a good yield (8 to 12 oz).

I would top, fim and supercrop and based on how the plant responds I would put it into the screen. Usually I do the SCROG a couple of weeks before I flip so I have a bunch of plant material to thread through the screen. Only one plant per screen as you will almost certainly be dealing with (harvesting) plants at different times. Plus if you have a problem it’s really a good idea to separate the plants if disease or something else causes you to need access to your plant.

Really; it’s dead easy or I wouldn’t do it. It’s a great way to turn a round dripline into a rectangular one. My grow space is 48" by 72" so I divided my SCROGs into thirds so I can do 3 plants in that space. My screens are 22" by 36" which allows for some airflow front and rear and makes room for mechanical stuff.


Ok ive been reading up on scrog & youve answered them. So basically for now i just continue to lst, supercrop & top maybe once more, build my scrog & couple weeks before flip install scrog to start basically threading the plant thru. Now if ive got that right ive gotta read up on supercropping. Ive read the material before but was a chicken to try. First grow i was so afraid to hurt them. Lol, now look how we treat them.


One more question on the scrog. Do i continue to weave the plant material each time it grows thru or only the once? Once again, Many Thanks!!


I try to weave as long as the plant remains pliable. Once it hardens off it’s tough. Really: anything sticking up too high needs to be brought down even with the rest of the canopy for even lighting. That’s all. How you do that is up to you and your setup.


Well my tent is about the same size as yours. Its 4’ X 4’ X 72". Im just going to do just one big one as after flower the most i was doing was turning them. Im nervous as my first grow! Guess cause ill be trying new things!


My experience is a really large plant has trouble delivering nutrients to the canopy unless the pot size is large. Personally I would do two SCROGs in that space and that way you can move em around and swap sides etc. while maintaining at least a reasonable pot size for indoors.


gorilla glue #4 @ 4 & 1/2 weeks


Bananna Kush 3 weeks


Crystal 4 & 1/2 weeks


Baby bananna kush 2 weeks


Everyone has been topped. The 2 oldest have been lstd as well. It appears theyre growing faster with the promix. Using same nutes as before. You may be right about the difference with soil & soiless as i feel im already seeing a major difference. Im going back to past journals to see if i can see a difference. Already got scrog ready to use. Girls are in 5 gallon pots, think i need to go to 7 by the end? Never had problem of being rootbound but im asking for more outta them. Thanks @Myfriendis410 for all you input to help me attain larger yields. This doesnt mean im still not going to bug the sh** outta you. Lol


You haven’t yet! I’m learning this crap too, you know!

I’ve been using some 7 gallon “Dirt Pot” brand but they look like they are the same size as an old Black Magic 5 gallon. I do know that I had nothing fall out of the root balls on the last dozen plants using 7 gallon. I do believe I had a situation with a Gold Leaf SCROG that simply couldn’t support the canopy with the roots it had. If you aren’t moving it around much I’d consider a 10 gallon (if you are gonna run em out 6 months). If doing smaller plants then it’s not going to be needed.


Wish i could let them go 6 mo. But with last harvest, im already chomping at the bit! Going to have to pay for medical @ outrageous $$ and sadly the girl i buy from medical is no where as strong as mine.


@Myfriendis410, sorry im not around alot, been having some problems with health. Wanted to ask when i do scrog do i cut all branches underneath or just take off leaves? Also in midveg i continually get a calmag issue & dont know why. Gave them sone calmag last week & another scheduled on monday. What else can i do?


Best wishes for you hope your getting better .