Critical Mass CBD Autoflower Plants

Hi, I have started growing CMCBD autos, about 4 weeks in. The seed description states that flowering is around 8 weeks. Can anyone advise the total grow duration to expect? I am trying to plan ahead so I would like to know when to expect to harvest.
Thanks in advance, regards Turtle (Australia).

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Unfortunately it’s an estimate. Some plants go longer and some go shorter.


Hi CG, thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, are you saying the 8 week flowering time refers to approx duration overall, including veg? Thanks for your help.

No, veg time is not included because if it’s a photoperiod you will be the one to induce flowering by changing the light schedule. You could veg for 8 months if you wanted.
Flowering time starts when the plant puts out pistils. For some strains transition to flower faster than others, but most average around the second week. Hope this helps.

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Yes, I see. With the auto strain though (this particular seed) is there any info available on how long the veg stage might be?