Critical Mass CBD Auto at 11 weeks Is it ready?

Critical Mass CBD Auto around 11 weeks since germination. Would you harvest ?

Thanks !

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it looks like your far from harvest . flowers need to plump up a bit more and when you check the trichomes dont check the leaf, they tend to turn quicker then the flower trichomes! im sure someone else will chime in with more info!

Wait 2-3 weeks

Getting there but not quite. I’d wait until you struggle to find any white pistils. (white hairs)

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Cheers, now that’s something I can use as a rule, everything else seems so subjective!


Id say 2bto 4 weeks depending on what u want. Watch pistils will turn brown orange color and look as if they receed into the clayx. When u get to the point of seeing just a small piece of the pistil stick out the calyx is usually a good sign its done if u dont have a loupe to look at the trics. If u have a loupe u r set. Plant looks good so far congrats on making it this far.

I’ve read that you can also use the amount of water as a guide. When the plant is near finished it will stop drinking. So where as before you maybe had to give a gallon a day when the plant is done you will give it that gallon one day then the next when you would normally find the plant dry and ready to be rewatered, it won’t be.