Critical mass autos super skunk and blue cookies photoperiods natures living soil concentrate and earth dust concentrate

These are all part of my first grow took me a five week period to get everything going to this point… the first tent is under a growers choice roie680 also 5 jack herer autos in a seperate tent under 600 rspec by hlg looking for any tips with natures living soil concentrate and earth dust concentrate or living soil period really any advice and how many i fan really fit in these 5x5s under these lights …critical mass are 17 days from breaking soil blue cookies are 16 days from tap root hitting soil and super skunk are. Are 11 days from tap root going in soil.jacks are 37 days so let me know any advice or just your opinion will help ill keep track of my whole grow here

I’ve used Natures Living Soil a couple of times mixed it according to directions used FFOF bottom third of a 3 gallon pots mixed with NLS watered with un PH water 3 GSCE autos yielded 10 oz I call that a win, The only other thing I did was was water with compost tea made with NLS a couple of times. Good luck

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