Critical mass 8 weeks old just starting to flower

Shes 8 weeks old . Next water giving her first dose of dyna bloom . Under 600w viparspectra . Can i get some pointers on how i can max out their yield ? All 3 are under separate lights .


I’m not going to be a lot of help on your question I’m still learning about the autos myself I’m curious did you top them or just LST Critical is Indica dominate so it surprises me to see all that verticals growth here is my latest NL GAS HOG AUTO as you can see she’s about half the height but twice the width


I had 4 that stretched out real bad was 6 feet tall autos dont grow like photos. Autos have la ky limbs so its better to keep them lower ull get more out of the plant being lower also. I had a hand full of buds here and there on all 4. My bubblegum i did stayed low and filled nice i got little over e oz from her first grow

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No didnt top her . Company says thats just how this stran grows . Averages between 3 1/2 feet to 4 1/2 feet . All ive done is lst .

Wow impressive! Are they growing indoor?

Yes indoors . Thx

I am wondering how will you gone to manage the vertical space.

I will tag someone to help you about maximizing your yield.

@Covertgrower can suggest something here or tag somebody who have dealt with similar situation?

You could super crop them, you’ll have to be gentle as they’re probably hardening off. If that’s not possible, I would take the tops, and bend them over a significant amount.

How much does super cropping increase yield ? Also what do u mean bend the tops over ? Thx

Super cropping can increase yields, some strains grow differently, but most generally increases.
Here’s example of LST:


So even tho she is hard you are saying bend the whole plant over pertty much on its side


You can bend it over as far as you need to, gently. should work better than super cropping, that won’t work if she’s hardened off.


If my auto is in flower . Can i still do lst on her if shes not hard all the way ? Thx

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Sorry I’m lateC but yes.