Critical Kush GROW JOURNAL 2nd grow

This is my 2nd plant growing. I just finished a white widow auto, which I love. Can’t wait to see how this Kush grows though.

day 12


Your plant looks good so far just don’t over do anything

And by the way…Welcome to ILGM
Check ck out the other categories for some great info on growing


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Day 15

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Day 17. I think I’m gonna top her pretty soon.


Day 19 just topped her.

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Looking very nice! What size pot is she in right now?

It’s just half gal. I’m gonna transfer into 3 gal for flower. Think I should go bigger or is that ok?

I’d go with a 5 gallon, gives her more room to grow. When do you plan on going into flower?

I’ll be flipping her in about 2 or 3 weeks. Just as soon as my canopy get sort of even and her stalk looks strong enough to handle some weight. I don’t want her to get so big because of the limited space in my closet. My last plant, wwa, got too big and was almost touching my LED.

I would transplant her at least a week before you plan on switching to 12/12. It will give her time to heal from the stress of transplanting.


Ok will do.

Day 21 she already stinks so good!

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Day 23 I decided to go ahead bring out the Mars Hydro.

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I was running CFLs. I had three 100 watt 6500k and one 2700k bulb.
And yes the led is a Mars 300.

Day 25 She’s starting to get bushy.


Day 27 I just added some additional sidelights to help with her side branches. I think she’s looking good.


OK I’m back. Been working. This day 14 of flower.

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For anyone wonder about my setup
2×2×7 closet
7 gal smartpot
Roots organic soil
Dyna grow nutes
Mars hydro 300 plus 200 watts of cfls lights
Small fan for ventilation
Temps/humd 77/60