Crispy seedling

So… I think I F up big time. Left them unattended outdoor and forgot to put them back inside. So I came home to some crispy leaves. 4 of them have straight stems. The other look pretty beaten up. Should I throw it away or can some be saved? Thanks.

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Let them die or survive, looks like a trauma center. You mentioned “outside”, was it frost/freeze?

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Hhhhhoooott weather. Got distracted and forgot about it all. by the time I remembered I was already 2 hours away from home

Is there anything extra I can do to help to revive?

I finally managed to find the Canna nutrients here buy sadly… now I have no plant.

Get then watered, and warm and maybe put a dome over them. I have seen weed grow out of a crack in the sidewalk. They are resilient they might pull through. :wink: give them some :purple_heart:


They are auto WW. So maybe they won’t have enough time to grow. But I will give it a shot. Thanks for the positivity :slight_smile:

You will be surprised how they come back with a little patience. My buddy got an auto seed from a friend, thought is was reg seed. He lst, topped etc… it’s growing like mad! And budding under a MH light in a veg tent😁 pretty sure he said do si doe auto.

I would scrap them and start fresh. Especially being autoflowers. Sure they might could pull through but this is going to set them back a week or more and a week in early veg is key to having success. At the end of the day it’s your plants but I would honestly just start fresh and not have to worry.

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Plan on them needing less water, it’s easy to over water damaged plants, a little less light too, until they start to recuperate, if the stem and core of the shoot wasn’t frozen it has a chance, however slim.

Being they’re auto-flowers, and how the slightest shock sends them into flowering, it’d be interesting to see what a seedling would do, worlds smallest bud? I’d run it just for expermental purposes and plant some more seeds just in case…


First I would like to welcome you to our world of growing here at ILGM and to our awesome community of awesome fokes.

OK… First thing…you need to put them deeper into the soil. Like 1/4 inch from the top.
2nd.) Get that light lower. See how long they are. Their reaching for that light my friend but as they grow lift up the light a little and you’ll be fine

B Safe


Why waste time, nutrients, electricity, etc to watch a plant produce a few grams? It’s different if the plant is out in the ground outside but not when it’s taking up the place of a better plant.

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I would start fresh. If you have room hold on to those badly beaten babies ,well you start over. Being autos this will slow them down. Hope you have more WW seeds. Good stuff man.

If these are autos, don’t bother. If they’re photos and you have the time/space, they’ll recover and I doubt you’ll tell them from others once they’re mature.

This thread reminds me of Charley Brown’s Christmas tree!


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I am going to start a new batch but will keep this for experimental purposes.

If I want to grow outdoor, how do I do the seedling. I know I didn’t put the seed deep enough. If I plant it deep enough and place it next to the window facing North to get the sun, will I still get a stem that is too long?

I will try to do it outdoor. See what will happen


Yes she. will. She’ll want to reach the sun.

So best way is to grow it indoor first under the light then move it outdoor?

Yes, harden them off, slowly lengthen time Outdoors till all day.