Crispy Hard Leaves

I have five different strains growing outside in Southern California. Soil in 10 gallon pots. Water every other day. Bloom fertilizer every week or so. One Aurora Indica has very crispy hard leaves in abundance, though the sugar leaves all look fine. Critical Kush is almost ready to harvest and remaining fans are mostly dried up but again the buds and sugar leaves look great. It’s always had very light green leaves. Other strains are much bigger and dark green with pliable leaves starting to yellow and drop off.

Has anybody seen crispy hard (but still green) leaves? Are some strains naturally just very light green?

I think it is not necessarily strain itself , but its phenotypes…
I got 5 OG Kush growing in same conditions, 2 of them are really light green, but healthy and budding happily…
Ride it to the happy end :wink::wink::wink::wink:

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