Crispy browning leaf problem can't quite figure out what is causing it

Trying to go light on nutes but everytime i turn around it seems ive done something wrong


Anyone got any ideas?

Oh i forgot to post the support ticket lol
So it will be
Strain ww autoflower
Ffhf for soil
5 gallon plastic home depo bucket
Im using ff trio for nutes as well as ff cal-mag
Ph my water to 6.5
I use water out of my pur filter
I run an ac for temp and have a fan also to help with air flow
The ac tends to blow on the plants also
As for lighting i have a couple crappy lights that will be replaced as soon as my work season picks back up.

Is the AC or humidifier blowing on the leafs?
Could be cal mag (more specifically mag) it’s flower and your in happy frog so it’s possible but again your using nutes so hard to tell if you have already been adding nutrients.
Giving cal mag half or full strength?

It’s not nute burn

I have added nutes 2 times total this grow half strength a week inbetween. I used cal mag both times. Also yes ac blows directly on the plants its not dramatically cold though kinda use it to keep air moving.

Looks to me like a Phosphorus deficiency.
She’s in flower and will be wanting more Phosphorus and potassium and less Nitrogen.
Are you following the recommended feeding schedule from your nutrient line?

No i am going a bit light as to not burn it. I burnt my first ones a bit following directions so i was trying half doses. Is there a way i can raise phosphorus and potassium naturally as to not increase my nutes?

Nutes are nutes weather you use bottled non natural or organic natural nutes. When you add them you add them regardless of what form.
The organic nutrients usually take time to become plant available via the living soil critters eating the organic nutrients and pooping out (exudes) and then it is plant available.
Salt based bottled nutrients are usually already in a plant ready format that they can use now.
This general description isn’t exact as there are some organic nutrients that are all or in part plant available immediately and so on.

Not familiar with what your currently using but they usually have feeding charts available at their web site showing how much to use at different stages of growth.

For example you could…
If you had some ashes (potash) (potassium) from fireplace that was from good wood and not treated wood etc that could provide a quicker source of potassium if needed just go easy on them. Sprinkle on top and working it into the soil a bit and water it in.
Article explaining making fertilizers at home…

And here are examples of organic ferts one quicker acting

And slower acting…takes more time for critters to break it down so plants can use it

Your plants don’t look like they need immediate infusion of nutes but the signs are starting to show and if not handled will only become worse and time goes by…
My diagnosis could be off but as of now that’s what I’m seeing…you have a little bit of time and may want to see what others think too and go from there.

Hope this helps

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Yes very helpful for sure i just have one question. What about the smell these will cause because i am indoors? I do have access to plenty of fresh burned season wood i chopped down so ashes are free and convenient for me as well.

I’ve never had any issues with smells from ferts I use except Neem Cake can be pretty strong at first and fish too but doesn’t last long.
I’ve come to get along with those smells as they help produce the end smells at harvest :blush:

Thanks a bunch i am definitely going to do a comparison grow using all organics. I have read to much good stuff not to… dive on in.(Rodger Smith …American Dad)