Crinkled leaves?

Auto flowers second set of leaves have slowly become more crinkled over time. Watering doesn’t seem to affect them. They started dropping at the tip when they were in a smaller pot and have since progressed to this. I moved it to a bigger pot (seen in photos) a couple days ago. The top/new leaves seem fine.

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Not sure that the first set of leaves having problems is something to worry about. If it were a pH problem (the most common cause of twisting leaves,) then it would be more widely present.

Keep an eye on new growth, which should continue to be healthy.


Look fine. Let her do her thing. First leaves typically can look like crap.


Leave it be let it grow

This can happen, she looks good.

The first couple sets of leaves on my current autoflower are a bit twisty and variegated, yet the leaves that came after are just lovely.