Creeping Crud, leaves turning brown and odd TDS

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA
3 plants generic seed in 3 gal pots, one plant AK-47 in 5 gal pot
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
Home depot Coco coir with perlite
System type?
Not sure
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?
PH in 6.1 on all 4 plants, PH run off 5.7 on 3 and 5.6 on the Ak-47
What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS
General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer set, 1 Quart
I am using at 1/2 strength
TDS 732
TDS reservoir
AK-47 834
GS 1 831
GS 2 870
GS 3 802
Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?
Box 1 with 2 GS plants, one viparspectra 450w reflector series led & 4 42w cfl, daylight
Box 2 with ak-47 & GS plant, one viparspectra 450w reflector series led & 4 23w cfl, daylight
CFL’s are mostly for heat at this point.
Temps; Day, Night
Both boxes, highs are mid 70s Lows are mid 50s
Humidity; Day, Night
Average 35 to 55 I only kept records for high and lows.
Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
No, I have the doors shut at night and cracked in the day time
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
Co2; Yes, No

What am I doing wrong? Here is my problem, For reference, “GS plants are just generics I got from a friend”.
The GS plants will be starting weeks 6 on Sun 25. The AK will be going on week 3 on Sun 25.
I thought I was doing good for a while. Plants all looked good with the exception of GS #2, at about 2 weeks old, I started getting some brown spots on the leaves. I read a lot on here and added a little more cal mag when watering and feeding. All looked good for a while after that. I am using 1 tsp per gallon for the cal-mag
I transplanted into 3 gallon pots and shortly after. I started having this issue again. Only now on all the plants except GS #1. All get watered and fed the same. I am only using 1/2 strength for the nutes.
One thing I learned is these don’t like getting fed every day. I have to water one day and feed the next. Which brings me to issue number 2.
Why is my TDS readings higher coming out then going in?
The flash from the camera makes the plants look a little better than they actually are.
The first is what my good plant with no issues looks like. The other 3 will show the brown on the leaves.
I thought I could get a handle on this by reading but just can’t win right now.
Hopefully some one can point me in the right direction
The good plant

Plant #3

Plant #2

The AK-47


I’d try to ph your water at 5.8 and see how she does. Coco traditionally likes a lower ph, but some nutrient lines call for a higher ph, even in coco (NFTG). GH nutes, I’d go lower at 5.6-5.8.

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Thanks again. I was at from 216 to 2/20 I was at 5.8 - 5.9. My run off was dropping to around 5.6 then. I can change it back. I should have started taking notes and paying better attention as soon as I started to see this. All the leaves with brown on them are mostly lower leaves. The top are a nice green. I will drop the Ph and see where that takes me. I was just starting to feel like I was chasing my tail here.

It just occurred to me. Is it ok to dump the run off water in the toilet or do you guys just dump it out on the lawn? In the early 80s. I dumped about a quart of gasoline down the toilet. With in 10 minutes. Some one was at the shop looking for the person. They had it narrowed down to a block. I am not sure if the nutrients in the water would be any thing to worry about if I dumped in the toilet.
Thanks again,

Here is a picture of mine, that looks similar to yours. I also thought it was cal/mag but it ended up just being very low humidity.

AK-47 strain

I raised my humidity to over 50% and that helped and stopped the decay.

This is the first time I have grown AK and it seems to be very sensitive to humidity.

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Thanks @MAXHeadRoom My humidity did drop from low 60s to around 50 or so after I moved the other plants out of this box. While this happened before then. it is good to know since my AK47 showed signs of the same not long ago. I will see if I can boost it up a touch, I did changed my ph back to 5.8 as MattyBear said to do. I also removed the brown fan leaves on the GS plants. I left the AK alone. This run is a learning run for me. If I lost a GS plant. I would not like it but would rather sacrifice one of them as to a good plant later. I can kind of test the waters to see what to do or not to do. The plants look nice and healthy again for now.

Another way to tell if it’s humidity is to touch the effected leaves and if they feel dry and crispy it is most likely humidity.
Also the damaged areas will not recover and will continue to appear damaged even if you correct your humidity. So the only way to tell is by touching the leaves and when they feel moist again then you have corrected it.

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@MAXHeadRoom Cool, I will check them out later tonight when the lights come back on. I thought for week 5 40 to 70 was the good range for the humidity. I am in that range. I will look tonight though. If needed. Can I add a bowl of water to raise the humidity? If not, I will have to find another way. It was higher when all the plants were in the same box. Pots are to big to squish them all in one box. I am using a pair of small 3’ x 2’ x 5 1/2’ boxes.

That is correct.

The low humidity only effected my AK. All the other strains where OK.

Well, I am going to have to own this one. Following your guys advise on here. The 3 GS plants are now doing great. I am afraid I am probably going to loose the AK. I made a lot of mistakes on this one. Starting with thinking I was farther along when I transplanted from the one gallon pot to the 5 gallon pot. I was only on week 2 and though I was on three. There was not very many roots showing and the coco started crumbling away while I was moving her. This one was 2 weeks behind the other 3. I think at the end of this week I will move all 3 of the GS into the same box and switch to a 12/12 cycle. I will continue to try and save the AK till I know I have lost. I read a bunch and it sounded like this new issue may have been heat related? I moved the light up 2 inches last night. Any advise on how I should proceed with this.

Well, having nothing to loose. I trimmed off the bad and put this little one back under the CFL lights again. It has only been about a day but so far so good. I noticed that it looks like she may be growing again. I am just going to use PH’d water for a few days in hopes she will pull through

I just came across this when searching for a cure. It is from the ILGM web site here
“Also LED lights offer a smaller spectrum of light. Certain wavelengths the plant requires to generate calcium are absent. So keep an eye on calcium deficiency when growing with LED.”

Looking back, this does seem to have occurred about the time I changed from CFL lights to the LED’s. It has only been a day but the AK looks good again. I put it back under CFL’s the other day. I am going to try and add a few CFL’s to the GS plants and see if that may help a little. I know I am grasping at straws. It just seems I get one plant looking good and then another starts up. I can’t keep cutting the bad leaves off or I will not have a plant soon.
Wish me luck,

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Get the Cal-Mag in there and maybe a root stimulant too mate.

I use 1 tsp per gallon for the cal-mag.I will bump it up a little more. I went for 2 days with no spots. Today I see 4 tiny spots forming. I added a touch more cal mag. The other plant seems to have stayed where it is at. I tend to forget that changing things is not an instant fix. I am learning patients with these plants. I am switching the 3 GS to flower today. I will then be able to see what I am working with. Thanks for the advise every one. I can safely say, come the next grow. I will be a lot more prepared. I am running into all sorts of things one can’t really plan for till you have tried growing at least once. I thought this was going to be as easy as my first one. The one that I just gave tap water to every other day. I never had one problem with that one. maybe I should just grow a bunch that way lol With the help of the community. I will eventually figure this out. I have nothing but time here. :slightly_smiling_face:


In every picture your pots and plants look really wet… are you sure your not overwatering …
That would leed to all of the problems your having also… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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@peachfuzz Hmmmmmmmm, I had thought about that but every thing I had read said to water coco every day.
I will check the soil tonight. If it feels wet and heavy. I will skip a day and see what it looks like tomorrow. Thanks.
These just finished week 6 and are growing great. Just over a foot tall each. The brown leaves are driving me nuts. Once I figure that out. I think I will have a handle on these.

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I would wait to switch to flowering until they fully recover from the stress. Under lights you get to control that timing. Do yourself a favor and exercise that patience a bit more.

Thanks @FloridaSon I actually switched a couple nights ago. I just got a tent that is set up right I hope. So far these look to be doing better. The temp & humidity are pretty stable now. I took pictures so I can check to see if any more have changed. I know it will take a few more days to really see though. I switched to just water for 3 days before doing this. I will post up in a week with info to whether I am winning or not.

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Well, I am now thinking this may be from our water here. After reading all day. it seems the ppm for the water we use should be less than 200ppm. I checked mine here and it is 530ppm. From what I read it sounds like it causes nutrient block out. I feel like I am running in circles here. I didn’t have any of these issues with the first plant. Just when I think I am off and running. I seem to trip. My run off for just water this morning averaged about 1050ppm for all 3 plants. I flushed them out, with tap water since it is all I have and got these down to about 570ppm. I looked at the RO systems but they waste way to much water to use here. We are still in a drought pretty much.
Should I just try using water only for a week and see how it goes or adjust my nutes down to a 1/4 as to 1/2. I just finished week 1 of flower. This is what #1 looks like today

TDS shouldn’t cause a nutrient lock, that’s a pH problem. TDS just measures the water quality. Particles in the water.

I also have hard water. Just cut back on nutrients unless you begin to see deficiencies.

Thanks. I will switch to just water for a few days. Maybe you can help here. it used to be that I would ph my water to 5.8 and run off was about 5.5 or 5.6 I am now down to 4.4. How would I correct that?
Thank you for the help. This is driving me crazy. Every morning I get up to find more brown tips.