Creating a new strain

I got some seeds that are Mohave green OG Kush? and got 7 growing now. I also picked up some Wi-Fi to smoke and got some seeds out of it and got 8 growing as well. I was hoping to get 1 male so I can pollenate the different strain and make a new strain. Well, I got my wish a Wi-Fi went male and he’s on the far side of my house now waiting for me to castrate him. All the other 14 are ladies and are just showing signs of budding, Hooray! So any “BRIGHT IDEAS” out there on a how to make babies? I was just going to top the male when his balls drop, put it in a baggie and put that baggie over a Mohave, seal it maybe move it too? My grow is outdoors in the Mohave desert, just outside of Death Valley and yes it is HOT as HELL right now 114* in the shade and my ladies don’t seem to mind the oven here as they are 5’ bushy tall and doing just fine, getting BIGGER and prettier very day and a little over 3 months old. Picts soon to follow. THANKS

You can cut a branch off the male, bring inside and place in a vase with water in a windowsill. Then collect pollen as it drops.

I use a short bristle water color brush to paint the pollen on the pistils of the females.