Create a single cola plant

Hi there fellow growers!

One of our customers want to grow a single cola plant and wants some tips and tricks.
If you have any experience growing a single cola plant how did you make this work?

Are there also some strains you guys might have used which worked great for growing a single cola plant?

Picture for reference:


I think this is more along the lines of a strain dependant type of thing. I don’t think one can manipulate the plant to do this I believe mudman had a strain that grew like this. I don’t remember his ilgm name on here @kaptain3d u’ll know lol. Maybe mud can point in a way to get some or know of ones that grow like so

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Hey i know the ducksfoot strain grows like that it has the one big main cola with very small side branches


I “created” one by accident on my first grow back in June. I had a Gorilla Glue that was severely runted, but still alive. Her tentmate (GSCE) was over a foot tall but the runt was barely 2”. I transplanted her outside in the landscaping topsoil and mulch, watered regularly (tap water from garden hose), and threw out some basic 10-10-10 fertilizer about once per week. She produced very few (if any) pistils but was one long bud from the ground to the tip. At 14” tall when harvested, I got 15g of the most sleep inducing weed I’ve ever smoked. 2 or 3 good hits will put me to sleep in 15 minutes, every time. Definitely an end of day smoke…


Clones flipped as soon as they root is my answer


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