Cream Caramel looks sickly

It didn’t look too bad until like yesterday after I watered. The leaves are curling on the ends and there are brown tips on the leaves. The leaves themselves look a bit anemic, yellow-green. The problem could be over watering? Or it could be nutrient burn because another plant I have had nutrient burn for sure. I haven’t given them much nutes yet though hardly any at all they’re only six weeks old. The soil is emerald triangle 420. I’ve had good results with it previously. The strain is Cream Caramel.

It’s in a smaller container and I was just getting ready to transplant it when I noticed problems. Do you think I should transplant it now?

Can you get a wider angle shot? It looks like she may have outgrown her pot. If so she may be rootbound. Doesn’t sound like nute burn. How wet is the soil?

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Thanks. I just watered heavily today, thinking I should flush it out just a bit, thinking it was maybe nute burn…

I should transplant it right. Maybe when the soil dries out a bit.

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Couldn’t hurt. The general rule of thumb is once they grow outside the edges of the container it’s time to pot up. How was the soil before you watered?

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I try to dry it out a bit between waterings of course, so soil was dry-ish. When it’s dry a couple inches down I water.

Anyway thanks!. I’ll transplant and go from there.

The Clawing is excessive nitrogen.

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Thanks. I think the soil must be pretty rich I won’t do any nutes for awhile.