Cream and Cheese clones. South Africa

Hi All

My first grow (with your invaluable help) was a limited success.
I have upgraded my equipment a little and started a new grow:)

Since my first grow, when the laws first changed , there is a lot more available for the weed growers.

I’ll need help along the way but this is also for any SA people that may find useful info.

Basic grow info to follow.

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Setup and info

Area: 1x1x1.8m (3.5x3.5x 6ft) Mars hydro tent

Lights: 110w quantum board LED. Samsung chip. Mean well driver. Dimmable.

2x cfl bulb 30w

Soil. Organic. Store bought.

Water: Ph 6.5-7
Tap water. Filtered.

Temperature: on 23-26 c / 73-79f

Circulation: fan and extractor

Good start… only advice i have is the light is a little under powered for the size of the tent.

Let me know if there is anything i can help with.


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Received clones on 16 Feb.
They looked a bit weak and had tips of leaves snipped.
They were free from a mate so…

Potted in 1kg yogurt tubs, (stones and good drainage) with plain potting soil, loaded soil, coco and pearlite. Even amounts.
Didn’t want the youngsters in hot soil so I diluted a bit.

Watered to run off.

Cfl lights for a few days while I sorted out their new home.

Not much action good or bad.

Relocated one week ago.

One plant is doing fine, one looks iffy and one looks sad.

Thanks @anon4427090

Correct. I originally wanted an 80x80cm tent but they were all short.

I plan to keep the plants LSM’d to cover 60x60 in flower.

My first questions are all about the light.

Never used led before.
Quite different to Cfls

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I have some stuff you can go over on lights if you like…(from basic to advanced course)
Of course i dont mind giving you the short answers if you dont mind taking my opinion.


The led is currently 45cm (18 inches) above canopy.
At half strength in dimmer.

Is it possible that they’re getting too much light intensity?

One is yellowing and crisping, one is halfway and one is good.

I assume that transplant shock should be finished. 1 week since stable environment in tent.

@blackthumbbetty @garrigan62 (hi!!again) @anon4427090

The average LED grow light draws about 32 watts to cover 1 sq ft for flowering. Compare this to a typical HID fixture which rings in at 40 watts per square foot (assuming a 5’ x 5’ area, or 25 sq ft coverage area).

110W divided by 25 sq ft = 4.4w per ft

I would reduce the flower area or increase the light… you can stay the course and finish fine…but yield will be much less than it could have been.

Agreed. I may be frustrated like last time. Superb plant but could have been better.

I’m guessing it always the case!

I may be able to spend in another light later on. Or add some cfls to the mix

very unlikely to be the light…my first thought when i read that was cal mag deficiency … then i saw the pics … in fact it is heard to see so you would have to confirm…but that looks like insect damage to me

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No evidence of any insects I can see.

The clone was already a little yellow when I got her.

they may have had an issue that was already solved before giving it to you and its just left over damage… you checked the bottom of the leafs for almost clear speck smaller than sand right?


This is mite damage

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I have brushed off the ‘dust’ on leaves and will keep careful eye to be sure.

Other than that you said you were worried about hot soil…any chance its too lite on nitrogen?

also you mention PH …thats water in?
Have you checked the slurry PH?

The soil is good and even the plain potting soil I diluted it with is trusted. Certainly enough nutes for youngsters.

I do think they may have mites as you called it.

‘Dust’ looks suspiciously like drippings.

Dish soap spray or organic insecticide?

The eggs might be called as “dust”…not sure about that tho.

A neem oil bath, a good scrubbing of the room and some predators if you can swing it might be a good idea…mites or not