Crazy stupid or just paranoid

Well I think I have become manic over this growing thing and not sure it is a good thing. I hesitate to write for the fair of sounding crazy but maybe some one has gone through this. So I was paranoid about the space heater in the small grow box I had. The thought of it burning down my house or even worse. I have decided that I couldn’t take it any more and moved my plants into my office which is heated. They are under the lights and it is about 75*f under the lights. Humidity in the room is close to 40% and running a humidifier can get more if needed. Wondering now if this is going to be a good environment for them. I think I want to get a grow tent for them. My original plan was flawless on paper but now I feel I am failing. I did not have a plan B so I am scrambling now. Just not sure what to do.

Thank you!

I think many if not most new Growers go through something similar but if it becomes a point where it’s an obsession I would recommend you might consider stopping for your own peace of mind and well-being

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Thanks you! I don’t have anyone to talk to about this stuff.

I have rewired my entire house and took great precaution to calculate my grow spaces’ demand for power providing it with 3 15amp circuits even though it never draws more than 1200 watts at any given time fire is always a a very real threat my lights are in proper fixtures and shades all of my outlets are on ceiling to avoid water spills I think I did all I can to reduce risk. I can’t speak for others but at the end of the day if you know you’ve done all you can than the risk is minimal I suspect I would be more likely to have a fire caused by overloading a circuit plugging in a new appliance upstairs than in my grow space lmao

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If you wish to add to your peace of mind add smoke detector and fire extinguisher to your space it’s never a bad idea to error on the side of caution I have seen some pretty sketchy grow spaces over the years rusty ballasts condensation dripping down walls around plugs you name it. But most of the fires I’ve seen are the results of overloaded wiring homemade circuit boards too many lights etc all related to greedy people trying to pump out lb’s a month not smaller 4 plant grows but 100 plant farms :wink:

I do have smoke detectors. So that it a some peace of mind. There are fire extinguisher in my house. If I could come up with another way to heat my grow box I would. The small space heater I have was cheap and not really designed to do what it is doing. At least that is what I feel. I really want this to happen which could be part of my issue. I am running t5 lights so not much heat from them and space heater was the only thing I could come up with.

I added warm water in black buckets last year they absorbed the heat from the lights and released it slowly during lights off but I suspect you have no space there is always oil filled space heaters heating pads and other options possible

You can get a small oil filled space heater to heat your tent much safer then any type that you can see elements glowing as long as your electric can handle draw safely
Still can’t put anything on top of it but risk of fire is reduced dramatically I use one in my tent and I keep it off tent wall 4" with no worries about it starting a fire
And @Donaldj has some good ideas as well

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Thank you very much for everyone taking the time to reply! I appreciate the help. Maybe I am a little crazy.haha

It’s never crazy to respect fire and the risk of it


…or a propagation mat, and it serves two purposes!

Sounds like your just realistic to me better to be safe!
Good luck

I couldn’t find the link , but if your worried about fire? they actually sell fire extinguishers just for grow rooms… They mount to the ceiling and have something similar to a fire sprinkler head on them so if the flame touches it , it will go off automatically… If I find the link I will post it… You can Google it also…


Yes I did see some somewhere on the net in all my researching. It looks like a nice thing to have. It would ease the mind a bit for sure.

Well after many bong hits and now I am thinking straight. My wife and I came up with a plan. Just leave them in the office and just run the heat. No brainer right. Sometimes I get so involved that I lose focus on what is supposed to be fun.

Thanks for everyones help I really appreciate it and helping get my head out of my ass.