Crazy looking seedling

How do u start a new post i have a white widow auto with weird growth


@Zach2 On the forum page near the top right there should be a button that says new topic, you can start one there. If your account is new I think you have to comment on something first, but Im not sure? I wish I could help, but I have no clue what to do about that growth, looks wicked. Ill tag someone who has helped me, they may know. @Graysin @Docnraq any ideas for what could cause zach’s problem?

Hey thanks n ya u have to comment first i was able to start a new post

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ok awesome, Ill watch your post, curious what could cause that

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That there is a mutant from hell! Welcome to the community. I am not sure if she will grow out of that or not. So many mutants and missfire autos this last cple months…lets grab some more experienced growers for this one. @Covertgrower @BobbyDigital @Myfriendis410 @MidwestGuy
Can you look at @Zach2 plant its suoer mutated and I dont know what to offer as a suggestion to do about it, if there is anything to be done even.


It may grow out of it everyone I’ve grown the mutation will follow throughout the plant usually in the leaves

It may grow out as stated: give it a couple more weeks. Genetic mutations are common in cannabis.


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Weird growth white widow auto

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Guess you have this thread, also

Yes, as discussed in the other thread.

My thoughts exactly. Thanks for the tag @Sitro :v:
She looks normal for a young plant - by normal I mean funky as hell but that ain’t unusual.

My latest oddities


Do you know what types of things would cause this? Is it breeding specificly or is nature perfectly imperfect like that?

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I’m thinking it’s from these highly hybridized strains. Lots of recessive genes being reinforced etc.


Grow it out it could end up being the plant that yeilds a pound or more of good quality buds you just dont know

Was trying to figure this out myself. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum @NewTech

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