Crazy auto won’t finish

I can’t take this plant anymore every day I have to pick out dead leaves that curl up into plant. Early April seedling now seems to be dying from inside. Mostly milky trichomes very little amber. I’m just wondering what would everyone else do with it?

has she already been flushed? is so, i would stop watering and chop her once she has predried in the soil a little. once she starts to droop from lack of water, throw her in the dark for a day or 2 and she’ll be good to go. if you haven’t flushed, do that now and then do all the other stuff.

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Huge plant my first thoughts almost looks like it’s revegging.


She’s down!! 399 grams wet plus half that in larf for hash. Maybe it’ll all be hash we’ll see how and if it smokes and then decide


drying buds should be in the dark. just my advice. nice pull though!

Get that stuff in the dark

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On top of tent it’s as dark as I can get now

Pretty buds. Over the years I’ve bought a bunch of weed that was beautiful but wouldn’t get me buzzed. Maybe if you dry and cure properly it’ll do the job and someone like me won’t end up buying it. Good job on your first successful grow :+1:

This was last plant of 5 so it’s ok I’ll take a learning moment. I learned that if I have another looking like that early on CULL IT
10.8 oz stored without it so whatever happens is fine. Worse case I hash it

I’ve even bought crappie meds at the dispensary. It’s buyer beware out there.

I’ve heard of dispensary prices HOLY S BOMB ridiculous. I just grow for personal use which before my first harvest a quarter lasted me almost a month now I’ve got a lot I’m smoking alot a nice circle to be trapped in

I don’t sell either. I use to but I end up having to find more. I do give stuff away to friends and panhandlers. It’s usually some poor hitchhiking couple with a hound dog. lol :joy:

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