Crappy outdoor weather lately Thinking about moving into tent

So I have 3 real nice outdoor plants, Chronic Widows just started flowering a couple weeks ago. We’ve had great weather all summer, but now I’m looking at about a week of wet and cloudy weather. Been thinking about moving my beauties indoors to make up for the lack of sunshine until decent weather returns. Would this be a no-no or cause undo stress to the girls? Just thinking a couple days so far with no sun might start taking a toll, especially since they’re a couple weeks into flowering. Should I just bite my lip and soldier on or would it be ok to stick em in a tent on 12-12 lighting as close to the sun’s schedule until we get the sun back? They’re in 5 gallon air pots. Sorry… No recent pic. They’re about twice as big now and flowering

Bring em in stick em by the window or a light that’s set as the same schedule as the sun and you will be fine.

Just a thought…Even though it’s not sunny, they’re still soaking up the UV rays. Just like you can still get a sunburn on a cloudy day. And they love the rainwater.

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Thanks for the replies. I’ve been bringing them up onto my porch out of the heavy rains. I’m ok with some rain water, but we’ve been getting swamped for a few days now and it’s looking like the rest of the week also. They’ve been set back out whenever the rain let’s up so they can get whatever light is coming through. It’s just these days when it’s raining almost all day long and they’re on the porch with no real light hitting on them I’m concerned about. I typically grow a bunch of autos in a tent. This outdoor thing has a completely different set of problems with the weather and bugs. I also moved over to all organic nutes, which has really been a nice improvement. Much easier on the plants. We’ve got a dry break as I type. They’re back out from being on the porch. I guess I’ll hang in there for the time being.

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We have had a lot of sunny weather here which has turned into late afternoon storms. I just put mine under the patio if it’s going to be bad, or let them catch some runoff from the trees if it isn’t. They perk up the next 100x better with the rain water, every time.