Crap I got the Gnats!

Hi peeps!

As you may know I have been dealing with some weird symptoms on my gg4 for some time now.

Brown/Dark patches, edges and tips are burnt, mosaic pattern, dark leaves, twisted leaves, purple/red stems, yellow spotting and yellowing between the veins, lower older and smaller leaves fall off easily with a touch…

We thought it was nute burn or phosphorus deficiency or maybe a bit of magnesium deficiency but couldn’t tell for sure.

Well I still don’t know but I see these little flies flying around now and after digging around the soil I see the little larvae. It’s a crap load of fungus gnats. I took out as many of them as I could out of the soil but no use.

I know where they came from, I used some top dressing I was keeping outside and it had been raining for a few days so the soil was moist. I used that soil to top and then watered. Now the plant is welting/drooping like no tomorrow, today it’s getting worse for sure, damping off and not drinking up the water.

I watered 4-5 days ago and usually the top inch dries up within 2-3 days. Now it’s moist as if I just watered. The leaves look weak, falling/wilting.
I f$$$ up so baaad. I don’t know if it will live. It’s 6 weeks into flower now, just a few more had left… I was so close.
I see the fungus gnats flying around for sure but I don’t know what else I might have brought in. It’s definitely damping off.

I ordered some DE and the yellow sticky cards already, coming tomorrow. I don’t want to use neem oil or hydrogen peroxide cause I’m doing an organic grow I don’t want to kill all the good stuff.
I also turned on my second LED light now figured It will increase the temperatures a bit to 83-84 maybe it will slow them down and dry the soil faster. I have a fan blowing on top of the soil to prevent more egging.

If you ever experienced this or have any advice for me let me know, this is my one and only plant and if she dies all my work/money has been for nothing for the past 5 month… I had nightmares about it :joy:

  • Strain: GG4 by ILGM 6th week of flower
  • Method: Organic, ocean forest / Subcool super soil
  • Vessels: 10Gal fabric pot
  • PH of Water: 6.2 in, 7.0 out
    I water every two-three days I add molasses, calmag and seaweed, my water is purified water. Usually also do compost tea once a week but lately I have been flushing since the symptoms have been getting worse
  • PPM/TDS 600-1100 in, 2025 out! I have been flushing
  • Indoor 3x3 tent
  • Light system LED 2x 260w ~ 25” above (520w from the wall)
  • Temps; Day 75-80, Night 73
  • Humidity; Day 45%, Night 35%
  • Ventilation system; Yes
  • AC Yes, Humidifier Yes
  • Co2; No

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Get some Mosquito Bits or some Gnat Gnix and put about a 1/2-1” thick layer on top of your soil and then get some yellow sticky traps to catch any flying around


Amazon live lady bugs. They eat everything smaller then them then die off or leave when there’s no food left. They are completely fine around plants


1500 Live Ladybugs - Good Bugs - Ladybugs - Guaranteed Live Delivery!


@Willk, I heard or read somewhere that a thin layer of sand covering the soil fixes the problem. They cant get in and they cant get out when they hatch. They say that sand is like crushed glass to them and they can’t penetrate in or out. I have also heard of people putting a thin layer on the bottom of their pots prior to putting soil in to prevent penetration from the bottom. I am definitely gonna try this the next time I set up pots. I have pots that have no holes in the bottom for a fruit tree experiment that I have going. Had a gnat problem, tried everything. Put a thin layer of sand on top no more problemo

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Forgot the pics


I got the stickies coming, I don’t know what mosquito bits are? Are they organic/natural? I wouldn’t want to add chemical stuff to it this late into flower.

Plants look good get rid of the friggin gnat problem they can cause issues with your plants. Killed a few of my fruit trees that I grew from seed from fruit that I ate

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Would that work indoor grow? Cause they wouldn’t have a place to go so they will die indoor? Hmm I will consider it. Interesting. Wouldn’t they infest my room?

Yea that’s DE I don’t know how to spell the whole thing lol I ordered it today coming tomorrow only $12 for the food grade ones.
I hear it works well. I hope it’s not too late.

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Bastards, I’ll kill them all tomorrow… hope the plant survives. I never thought I would have to deal with pests indoors. It was unexpected.
It looks worse in person. Just last night it was more lively now its droopy :frowning::frowning:

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We release lady bugs inside our grow every so often to take care of issues before the become anything crazy.

Lady bugs are a predator insect and will eat smaller insects. They won’t harm the plants.

Release them around lights out and they will magically disappear. The lady bugs will hang around for a bit tho.

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Sounds so crazy to me but I kinda wanna try it. I hope they wont infest my apartment.

They aren’t bad, when the food dies off so will they unless you get some gel to feed them.

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That’s crazy! They’re everywhere lol
Cool :+1::+1: I’ll see into it

Wife let 600 go in her garden area of nonsense plants


We put up a sign for thanksgiving, please don’t kill our lady bugs

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They stay better in a tent/ grow room

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I swear it’s getting worse by the minute. Now its even droopier than when I posted. Shit it’s dying