Crambola CBG1000F flower booster panel

After picking up the Mars Hydro TSL-2000 my grows were really nice, but the buds just seemed a little more airy than when I used the burple lights. So I did some counting on the number of red leds in the Mars and went well that is a low ratio. So i went looking for flower booster boards and found only a few speciality items that I didn’t really want to put the money out on just yet, then I looked at Amazon.

It arrived as expected, a blank cardboard box with no outside markings. Open the box and a big envelope contains mounting kit that i did not use and a power cord with manual switch on it, which I also did not use. My only complaint on this light so far is the cheap feeling power supply. I have ordered a couple ul listed drivers but will need a few weeks to install. The driver on the board looks decent, but feels hotter to the touch than I like.

How about a few pictures right?

Front of the board is clean no need to make any mounting holes, plenty of options already in place.

The driver, the only piece I dont care too much for, but is working just fine.

I’ve hung at an angle to hit all the plants.

It actually does a decent job of spreading the light, still I’m gonna more power it and put another on other side to balance things out and move my fan a bit.

Then whats the real power use right?
After about 10 minutes the power stabilized at .930 amps max was .955. For 107.5 watts and 114.5 watts at startup.

We have 3 girls getting some of this light. A strawberry kush 15 weeks just about done on the left, blueberry cbd also 15 weeks from seed today on the right. Then the new girl in the middle i call Purple&Gold is 7 weeks from seed. This new girl is lopsided already it looks like after 1 day under the light.

Strawberry Kush

Blueberry CBD


Looking good!


Try to get those buds off the wall, they may get mold starting there. There is no ventilation at point of contact and moisture cant escape. Just tie them up somehow.
Look tasty !

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Only there on the wall in pictures watering. That girl in the middle is pushing them old ladies around. She gets a little rope to pull her over when I’m not watering.

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You sound like @MrPeat tieing up your girls. Lol