Cracked for 2 days but still no tap root

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“It’s day 7 of the germination stage. The seed has been cracked for 2 days but still no tap root. For the first 3 days: I soaked for 24 hrs then placed in rapid rooter for 4 days. I placed in water again for 2 days. Today I placed in a damp paper towel provided with darkness and 75 degree temps. The first seed i germinated took 24 hrs (soaking in water) to for a tap root to form. Any other suggestions??”

Just patients. It might be slow to spread her feet out. Moving it back and forth isn’t good for the tap. Being so fragile and all.
Cover it in the paper towel or dirt keep it warm and humid , and it should come to life


right on @Nug-bug
heat and humidity is crucial at this stage!

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I once watered germinating seeds with very high PH water. They’d crack open and never go any further. Make sure your PH is under 7.

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