Covid Soil shortages

Is anyone else having trouble finding soil?

I have. The grow shops are blaming Covid.

I’ve been using Fox Farm soil and willing to try others. However, everyone around me is out of happy frog and ocean forest.

There’s some Ground Swell coming in, but I hear that stuff is way too hot.

And there’s nowhere around me that sells anything organic. I’d love to try coast of Maine or SoHum, but they’re nowhere to be found.

Has anyone had good experience shipping soil? It seems to me that the packaging would get wrecked.

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ordered 4 bags of FFOF from Amazon $129, Amazom lost the order so they sent me 4 more bags, The day after the replacement shipment arrived. The original order showed up. I called Amazon (only because I believe in Karma) , to see how I was going to return the shipment . They said just keep it. WIN. $32 a bag is a little high but no one has it around me. BTW everyone is blaming everything on Covid, it’s the blame all fix all for all businesses


I get my FFOF off Amazon. Only way I can get soil. Not because of the CV but because I would have to drive 150+ plus mile total. Easier and cheaper to order off Amazon. :+1::+1::+1:

2 Likes also has and ships Fox farm happy frog, 2 cubic feet bag $37.65 free shipping. I always get it from them, never a bad experience.

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