Covid/omnicorn gardening how are you doing?

@Nicky 6 months. Signing up for boosters next week.

Take care of yourself friend. I have asthma and worked in public health so I also mask up and sanitize. I also bought thin cloth gloves that I can wash after I touch anything outside my house.


Yes those who listen to our bodies well. Hear what we need to do. @Nicky @Awarth32 @Flitme @Borderryan22 @yoshi @JaneQP i was inn Germany when the Army forced everyone to get the swine flu shot all my friends got very sick laid up for days, back in 1976 thats when I knew No more shots for me ever. I was in the field back and forth avoided the medics with their needles…


Yeah this is the silly part. The data has shown that after 3 months we shoild be getting boosters because the vaccine just isn’t as effective as many of our other vaccines long term. However it’s the best we have and until they re engineer it then nothing we can do.
Hard to tell people, also hard to pay for, giving vaccines to every every 3 months.

Covid is doing a fairly decent job of thinning the herd of humans that are older or sicker, and some who just refuse to evaluate risk properly.

There is nothing any of us can do but make our own decisions and be happy with them be it when yoh make them or when your on your death bed, but that’s life.


@Nicky well said, very well said. We all our different, and have different genetics. If people are smart, which I think the majority are, they will take it into their own hands on how to take care of themselves.

We all are human, and should all support each other. You got one life, love, laugh, & live. Hold close ones tight!


Except that vaperizer, puff puff pass quit holding out! Haha :heart:


My bad my bad! :rofl:

At the start of this I said this is how they will thin the herd, kill off the weak ,ill ,others. Wife and I will not get any vaccine,booster because look around we see those friends and others who have been shot get sick, pass it to others in the families and some die from covid. I am 65 wife is 60. We both are getting better taking care of each other. Eat egg drop soup kills everything


Tablespoon of cayenne pepper :hot_pepper:, with cinnamon and ginger with freshly squeezed lemon in a shot of 151 will kill any viral infection.


My husband and daughter and granddaughter have been vaccinated and had our boosters. Granddaughter will get her booster when it is due. We have not had covid and planning on not getting it. To each their own is what I say. :v::+1:


A tablespoon of cayanne! Yep it will kill everything including your lips!! Lol!! Eat that and you can sing whoa whoa whoa I’m on fire for real!!! Rolmao!!!

No Govmnt needles for me. Why anyone would take the laugh laugh vaccine from the same folks who invented the manmade virus is beyond me and that ain’t politics it’s fact.


If you don’t have a medical degree you need to stop with offering home remedies for covid.

This is a grow forum folks. Refer to the topic header and try to stay on that topic please. I will remind you: no politics.

That is all.


Will also have u shitting fire :fire: for a week after also lol.

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I got hit with Covid just before Christmas and it was rough not seeing as much family as I’d like, now I have pneumonia and that’s what is really kicking my ass, Covid was crappy, this is shitty

Everyone stay healthy and wear a damn coat if you’re goin outside to get the mail…if it’s cold outside, I’m in Michigan (12° currently)

Not a doctor with medical degree but I hear NyQuil is pretty rad for colds :kissing_heart:



Exactly how I felt after getting the small pox vaccine and being flat for 2 weeks with my room mate and head mates (Marines) and I trust that vaccine over this one. I’m 26, may have pneumonia but still strong and healthy to be fine with a little antibiotics, no needles for me unless it’s a tattoo


Got us some Egg drop soup yesterday Now that works well kills bugs inside I look at it this way we all grow organics or close to ir and we take care of our selves the best we can,I don’t care about the System or the Man says. They don’t care about us. So we can share between us everything Politics be darned We are humans beings and lets share Grandmas home remedies to heal us up OK P.S. my THC infused cookies helped with the body aches last night OK


I agree 100% if they cared…heart disease, obesity, mental illness, etc. would all be treated like Covid with how fast we put up “defenses” to be healthy.

Anyway back to growing, I’m finally starting to smell the earthiness of my girls, WW and AK47 both ILGM photos, sending em into flower in the next week or so, might give em another week

Glad the egg drop soup helps and I hope you and anyone else here in the forum feeling cruddy feel better soon


Oh oh :flushed:, I guess truth is not allowed , but yeah I get it !
Don’t worry it’s just a hang out spot not a must do , but anyways if it helps it helps , but only for those who benefit sounds like it’s ah Lil political here to , ijs ?


I say if people want truth, listen to Alex Jones. I’ll leave it at that. NWO. :sunglasses::metal:t2::seedling::seedling: just my opinion.


My wife’s growing this! Should I be concerned???



Maybe she growing the cure!