Covering Buds before rain

High everyone, very new to forum stuff but have question. I’m Sept. 5th 2018 buds look great, but there’s rain coming from hurricane suppose to rain all weekend. Finally here’s question. Can I keep my plants covered all weekend, I have 3 fans on 4 plants so circulation is great, Thanx for any input

within the landing zone of the tropical storm…you will see rain for 4 days+. Most rain will fall on the north and east side of the storm. East of New Orleans to Florida will get bugo bunches of rain.
If your buds are thick tight colas…might be best to avoid the mold issue and harvest early.

The humidity will be excessive for the next two weeks…as well as…massive mosquito invasion.

If your buds are loose n spread out, probably will not be a mold issue. A fan could make a big difference.

You have plenty of air circulation but how are you going to maintain that through the storm? Then what if you loose power? Yea you could build a clear plastic or something but I have lived in LA so I know the weather that comes with hurricanes and tropical storms, that said I’m with @tanlover442, if you choose to not harvest early I would definatly be where I could check on them often

I’m not going to lose power from the storm, I’m in Ky. My main question is will it hurt my girls very bad if they don’t have any sun for a few days, they will be covered

You dont want to use a dark cover to answer your question yes if you cover them and prevent them from getting light it will most likely hurt them. Get some clear plastic and use that so they still get light.

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Storm clouds aren’t going to hurt it none. Just lets the plants know their time is soon coming to an end. And yes clear plastic!

Ky, yea that changes my answer, with your concern I assumed that you were closer to the area being hit. That being said yes I wouldn’t worry about cloudy days as you can still get sunburnt when it’s cloudy so they will still receive sunlight just not as intense as they normally would. That being said I would def try to keep all that rain off of them but I’m in indiana and we’re supposed to be cooling off and dropping humidity so that should help a ton then just a plastic cover to keep rain off and you should be fine


Appreciate the info, lucked up today got sun all day covered them about 5 and it come gully washer. My tarp is camo but I have 3 box fans running inside area, believe I will be alright

Cover them with clear visqueen, and you’ll be fine.

Sirsmokes , be’ins your pretty close, Chem-dawg, jack herer, train wreck do very good in this part of the country, just saying

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IMG_20180911_160659 IMG_20180911_160136