Cover For My Hoop House

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Lookimg for a cover for my hoop house dose it need to polyurethane green house film or can it be 6 mill rguler plastic likeallpurpse plastic”

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Thanks @ILGM.Zoe,

Dear customer, It’s not recommand to use regular all purpose plastic film.

Use the best grade of greenhouse plastic for your hoop house, even if your structure is small. Plastic from the hardware store looks good, but will degrade in sunlight and tear in a year or two. The best hoop house option is 6 mil, UV-protected greenhouse plastic. This will easily last four or five years, delivering peace of mind for you and better thermal performance for your hoop house.

Hoping that’s respond to your question,

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And I was gonna ask the same question.

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