Cover CROPS. Anyone experience with?

Any body ever try cover crops? Curious to see other growmies perspective.

Yep been using clover seed with some other weed seeds in it like dandelion and such for every pot now for a couple years.
Clover is a nitrogen fixer ( takes N from air and puts it into soil for plants to use) and I’ve had some pretty clover flowers and when they are done I just use them as mulch along with old leaves and some straw as mulch. Helps feed my soil critters and my worms too.

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Yeah clover is Awsome and sunflowers are good.

Also a grower on here bought clip on peppers or tomatoes put those in his weed plant so it looks like it’s fruit bearing!


Im using red clover under the back zkittlez @Nick. Trying it out

Absolutely. Been doing no-till for several years now,and I have tried to alternate some. I.e. one year-mustard and clover. Following year- hairy vetch,cowpeas,clover and rye. Thinking about Buckwheat (o’tay! Sorry, couldn’t resist) and one other variant this year.
Here at THUNDERDOME(I always hear Tina Turner scream it in my head), I experiment with layering the cover crops. Some-I chop,place green manure to the side. Sprinkle some dry amendments. Place green manure back on netpot.Place homemade compost/castings/live worms on top,to complete cover/submerge green manure. Then cover with straw/hay( whichever doesnt have seeds,sorry). Some I just chop,place dry amendments, then compost/castings/worms,and then place chopped green manure on top-looks like a bad toupee for the plant.
I give this a few weeks,then when I see the green manure broken down,I plant clover only. Then the lucky lady gets placed like the royal queen amongst her clover subjects.
I do not dig up rootballs,I leave everything in place.
I have merged to the 'place directly into soil," germination method,but only when its warm enough. I want to get away from clones for a spell- but who am I kidding? If I see Blue Dream on payday,well it’s a wrap!
I wonder if my pic will come through. White pots-25g.Black netpots 15 and 20gallon.

Happy growing!
SL out.

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I got to my local nursery to see whay I can find. Amazon has cover crops in blend of other seeds also.

Oops my bad @Growcoast @patmonk

SL out