Couple weeks from cutting- chase this gremlin?

Maybe 2-3 weeks from harvest and started seeing leaves like this on one plant/ toward the top and only like 3 or so leaves in the past week, so something is going on. Feed bloom nutes GH line and follow the “extended” chart or whatever it’s called- basically the full line of bloom nutes + cal mag. all the plants get the same. Crazy how one can be affected and not the rest all things being the same!

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Calmag issue possibly :face_with_monocle:. Are you growing under LEDs :thinking:

Yea lots of LED; it’s not the closest so can’t be heat and random leaves so idk. Other plant is closer to the light and no issue at all. Too much cal mag?

It looks like beginning of phosphorus deficiency to me… I used either liquid bone meal or Bat Guano to fix… you have to put the guano in the water and let it ‘steep’ for 24 hours so the liquid bone meal is easier. The have Bat Guano with N and Bat Guano with phosphorus. Sometime calcium and phosphorus can go hand in hand. You could also have a build up of stuff at the roots. Can you do a soil slurry test at root level first to make sure it’s just not up taking the nutrients you’re giving?

Any way, that close to harvest I wouldn’t worry too much about it - don’t give up on her!



without cutting the bag to get to the roots idk; hate to go digging down and disturb a bunch of stuff. might just watch it a bit more, and yeah, couple weeks out so might just let 'er ride unless i see more leaves start to turn then will cut into the bag for a root soil slurry

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It’s fine… I just stick a bamboo stick down then reach down and pull a small sample… it will be fine, you don’t need much of a sample.

Edit: You only need to go down about 1/4 of the way

Can you get a pic of the whole plant? The flower in the pic looks like it’s a quite a bit further than 2-3 weeks out. Plus a full plant pic helps determine where these issues are occurring.

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Will do in the morning.

More pics

Yeah she’s got longer than 2-3 weeks. May need to check runoff ppm and see if there’s a salt buildup that could be tanking ph and causing a lockout. Overall she doesn’t look bad at all.