Couple questions

You really should I have bought stuff from them multiple occasions and they always good :100: :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:

No, I don’t believe they take pre paid cards. But with these guys, no worries

Ok cool. They should accept pre paid though. It’d be nice

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happy birthday @Weedchef

just send them a email @Jdou, and ask…
things are changing everyday it seems…
@ILGM.Nicole or one of the staff can probably answer this question when they are available…

Okay BigE. Thanks man. Btw chef, happy birthday.

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Yes. It is safe and stealth. No problems with speedy delivery. If there is a problem, this place will do you right. No worries. I have had seeds intercepted in the past. No big deal. Customs just destroys the seeds and sends you an empty envelope with a document saying such. It is legal here in MA. Still not Federally… yet.@Jdou

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But , was it a Holiday Inn Express ? :wink:


Best light and tent for 1 plant?
Sorry for the tag. You seem active.

I only grow one plant at a time in a 2’x2’x5’ tent, and I use a 135 watt, 3k quantum board for my light. I grew over 6 ounces for my last grow.

This is my tent

My light is from growers lights. Com

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What’s the dif between this tent and this one I don’t really wanna spend that much on a tent. Is it needed?

That link isn’t working, but Vivosun makes a good tent. Any 2x2 tent will grow one plant very comfortably.

Alrighty, I thank you for that info. :+1::facepunch:

You’re very welcome.

Gonna go with

That’s a good one, but it’s a little short. Are you planning on doing any training? It’s perfect for a SCROG.

Not sure what that is. Is that bending the plant?

It’s growing the plant through a net so that it grows horizontally rather than vertical.

I’m sure I could get a net and do that with the right knowledge. Scrog it is! Lol

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Im about to do a scrog on my current grow. Would you like me to tag you in? You can learn how to do it by watching in real time.