Couple questions

Anyone from Nebraska? I plan to grow indoor and have a few questions.

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not from nebraska but i stayed at a holiday inn last night…
and grow inside as well… welcome to ilgm forum,how can we help?


Well I don’t have any bulk of seeds or anything. Is stealth shipping safe and what not? Ofc I wouldnt use my real name or home address.


i’m in a non friendly state,in the bible belt…
i have had absolutely no problems…
ILGM is top notch,i’ve sent cash via mail and credit card…
my last two were money sent through mail,easier for me that way…you can track it if you want…
took around 6 days to get there,then around ten to get back…i ordered on weekend.
if you need any help please ask… @Jdou

They accept prepaid visa gift cards? If so then I’m gonna pull the trigger on this.

You really should I have bought stuff from them multiple occasions and they always good :100: :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:

No, I don’t believe they take pre paid cards. But with these guys, no worries

Ok cool. They should accept pre paid though. It’d be nice

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happy birthday @Weedchef

just send them a email @Jdou, and ask…
things are changing everyday it seems…
@ILGM.Nicole or one of the staff can probably answer this question when they are available…

Okay BigE. Thanks man. Btw chef, happy birthday.

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Yes. It is safe and stealth. No problems with speedy delivery. If there is a problem, this place will do you right. No worries. I have had seeds intercepted in the past. No big deal. Customs just destroys the seeds and sends you an empty envelope with a document saying such. It is legal here in MA. Still not Federally… yet.@Jdou

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But , was it a Holiday Inn Express ? :wink:


Best light and tent for 1 plant?
Sorry for the tag. You seem active.

I only grow one plant at a time in a 2’x2’x5’ tent, and I use a 135 watt, 3k quantum board for my light. I grew over 6 ounces for my last grow.

This is my tent

My light is from growers lights. Com

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What’s the dif between this tent and this one I don’t really wanna spend that much on a tent. Is it needed?

That link isn’t working, but Vivosun makes a good tent. Any 2x2 tent will grow one plant very comfortably.

Alrighty, I thank you for that info. :+1::facepunch:

You’re very welcome.

Gonna go with