Couple questions for a newbie Dabbeling in DWC

Hello everybody , got a couple of silly questions you can roll your eyes , this is my first grow in deep water and cloning , everything I have grown been outdoors , I invested in a 9 site tub 4 gal,I got two of my first clone girls in there and say they are doing great , I left a space between them and now that the roots are extremly far gone to move the cups around to give more space they are were they sit , now here is my question I grown outdoors in small Pots were I got “root bound” and the plant stopped growing, how big will the plants get in a 3 inch cup? will they stop growning ? will I have to tie them up? , thankyou,



What do you mean by 3 inch cup? Pictures are always welcomed. Growing in hydro the will grow to the size of the container they have just like they would in pots. You can always lst the plants and tie them down to dictate and increase it’s growth.

Yes, if it’s a 3" net pot, it will grow through it to the water. Does it look like this?



They will be fine. I ended up getting 3" instead of 6" and i had 0 problems. Roots grow to the size of bucket not the net pot. I used 5gal buckets and they filled up with roots. I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 1 plant per container. Roots get tangled up and you will never separate them.


this is what you will get. From my first grow using 3" net pot. Just a good visual lol @Driftboat


Realistically, I don’t think the netpot will be an issue at all. Where you’re going to run into problems is when the rootmass takes up the majority of your res. There’s not a lot of room for water, and then they’ll start drinking and feeding heavy and it becomes difficult to maintain ph and ppm levels.


I agree with the above posts, the 3" net pot won’t be a problem, it will be the size of the reservoir, too small for healthy root growth and healthy roots support healthy plants.

some of the products people are selling are not made for our hobby/medical grows…the 9 station reservoir you have at 4 gallons will support some ornamental flowers and smaller herbs and cloning…do you have pictures or a brand name of the system you have?

larger reservoirs are easier to maintain for you the grower, more water with more nutrients helps buffer the water keeping the pH steadier and the plants happier.

for a first time grow with Deep Water Culture, a single plant in a single bucket can be easier to learn with…all plants grow differently with separate issues and having a shared reservoir makes it difficult to fix one plant without hurting the other.


Thanks every body for the response ,and of course ran into prob after this post got some algae in the tank, did some research and dumped the tank added some grape seed extract lowered pH to 5.0 to kill off the rest,used reflective tape to block off any more light here are acouple of picks b4 my probs but I think the situation is under control now.IMG_20180127_062116

Are your containers transparent? Usually asking for slime problems. See if you can wrap them with something to keep light from them.

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Got taped up now I used reflective tape,trying to keep as much light out as I can ,these plants are going to go as long to cut for clones, then I’m tossing everything

My first trial failed next attempted white buckets seal tight ,there was to much algae didn’t want to deal with it cut everything up and cloaning every thing.

I have done 3" net pots for twenty years with great results. Water quality has been my only problem. Good white roots.