Couple of questions

A question from a fellow grower:

Yeah quick question or two.

100% novice just to get that out the way.

I threw 5 seeds in a pot of backyard soil with red onion mixed through. all 5 sprouted. Ive separated them 2 weeks into growth. each had their first nodes under the canopy (not including the “canty” leaves). outdoors during day in at night.

Is there any pros or cons to hanging your plant container?

Obviously wont be able to do once they get to big but since there so small hanging is safest in my backyard.

Just remember size of plant is directly affected y the size of the container - the plant will grow in them -yields small

Well yes, this is true, but you can get pretty big hanging pots. I personally would not want to deal with hanging baskets in my MMJ grow.