Couple of questions before harvest

Hey everyone, I was just wondering how close you think I am from harvesting. They are all Cherry Pie and flipped to flower on July
My other question is about switching to plain water for a bit before you harvest? When do you recommend doing this?


Do nute restricyion for the last 2 weeks. Got a couple weeks still by look of pistils.

Hi there. You have a couple weeks to get her plumpy. When the brown pistols recede into bud, check trichs. I can’t answer about the water …I just guess at about …i don’t know. I am testing my plant.
giphy (1)


Nice Bud porn Growmie and yep a few weeks left. I feed water only the last 2 weeks versus the typical flush. Last pic looks 2 weeks out but the others pics seem more like 3 or better :love_you_gesture:

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