Couple of issues and questions

Hi there. First indoor grow, six plants, all different strains, flowering. Encountered a few issues but overall looking good. I will post information about it here but right now I have a few questions that have been quite hard for me to figure out and I’m reaching out for help since Im sure you experienced people have come across and learned from it and I cant risk fiddling around since time is of the essence. If you could spare some light it would be great since I’ve put so much care into this and don’t want to lose control in the final stretch.

First, browning, curling, and crisping of lower leaves on two of my plants. They dont turn yellow then brown, just brown spots that dry and curls them. Could be light, temp, humidity, nutes or water but it is only happening on the two on the right, more on the first to the right. Other plants are healthy. It is seemingly slowly spreading. The second and larger plants leaves on top have gone thin and curved when a while ago they were flat out. I dont know if this is normal from the flowering period and maybe characteristics of these two different strains but to me it looks like some kind of disease. But why only on these two? I dont have the ideal air exchange setup so I thought maybe it was a pocket of low quality air surrounding them. I dont know.

If this is some kind of imbalance I would like help to correct it right away, please!

This is enough info for one post to tackle, I’ll try to keep it clear and ask more later.

Here are pictures:

Heres a picture of a healthy lower leaf from the plant standing next to them:

You probably need more info so please ask away.

Thank you all in this community!

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Firstly welcome! Ur def in the right place. Second lets get u a support ticket.

COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post.
Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?
System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor
Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but short, to the point questions and facts will help us help you smile

I copied this from another page hope it helps welcome to the forum good luck


Thanks for putting that up.

I definitely see N toxicity and need to see your setup with what soil, what nutes and how often.


Thanks for your prompt reply!

Strains: Vader OG (Indica), Tahoe OG (Indica), NYC Diesel (Indica), Dance World (Sativa), Planetary (Hybrid) and POW (Indica), all purchased clones.

Pots with soil (Miracle Grow). System type??

PH: PH of runoff never measured. Have some left in one saucer from yesterday and just now it read 7.2 PH of feeding water always between 5.5 and 6.5

Nutrient mix: Don’t measure EC/TDS. I have a meter though, just don’t know how relevant it is and what parameters to look for. Water twice to 3 times a week, depending on dryness of soil. Only have used Crystal Geyser spring water through entire life. Though I have recently introduced water collected by the dehumidifiers. Only used Pure Blend Pro Grow for vegetative and Pure Blend Pro Bloom for flowering until now, I have recently introduced products from Advanced Nutrients specifically to enhance bud growth.

Indoor or outdoor: Vegetative stage outdoor, brought indoors to flower.

Light system, size: Been using LED lights. 6 lamps of 32W each. Height adjustable. They have white, blue and red lights, selectable. Couple of clip on LEDs for lower branches. Details on the attached images.

Temps and Humidity: I try to keep temperatures in the 64.4 - 78.8 range and humidity between 40 - 50%. I have to admit I’ve been struggling with this since the AC blows moist cold air while the Dehumidifier blows hot and dry air into the room. Its a clash of titans really…in the beginning I had a serious PM issue and probably fried poor Tahoe OG, but thats another issue I need help with afterwards. Its not an issue right now but I need help and got data to help. The two dehumidifiers and the AC are connected to a hose and drain inside.

Ventilation System: I have fans in the room as you can see from the floor plan I just made. But I only have one air passage in the room, the window. The other would be the door but I keep it shut to avoid pests. The window fan has two propellers which can blow air in, out or each in one direction (exchange). The two dehumidifiers (30-70 Pints) blow hot air into the room, the AC blows hot air outside through the window attachment.

AC: 1x 10.000btu portable AC, 1x 70 Pints Dehumidifier and 1x 30 Pints Dehumidifier.

Co2: No

Here is a floor plan of the setup:

Here are some pictures:

There’s more information but I dont want to overload this post. Rather have you guys ask and I’ll ad more as we go.

Thank you so much!


Here’s the #1 problem. Every time you water, nutes are released. Plus your feeding on top of that. Wayyyy too much N.

It’s really hard to flush it all out, but at this point it may be worth a shot. You’ll def need a flushing agent like sledgehammer or florakleen.

Thank you, my friend.

I read about that yesterday and was my best guess as the culprit. But I have to be sure to take the right course of action or I could lose the plant! I don’t even know how I did it in the first place, let alone fix it. Thats where you come in :pray:! I posted some general information that might help but I will post the complete mix schedule for you to check.

Theres one big issue with my feeding schedule, I dont know what “week” my flowering is on and therefore I’m having trouble determining how to correctly feed them according to their stage. So yeah, I need help with that too…


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Thanks! I understand.

Last time I watered them I only used pure distilled ph balanced water to try to rule overfeeding out. Thanks for letting me know that probably this was already something in the right direction.

I have Flawless Finish, does it work like sledgehammer or florakleen?

What soil should I use next time?

I’ll have to look your info over in the a.m. It’s time to crash on the Left Coast haha. Will check in tomorrow.

You are overwatering…
Every picture has a soaking wet pot…
Plants are drowning…
Leading to ph lock out … leading to root rot…
Leading to death… :wink:


I try not to do the one mistake of overwatering because I know its too serious to recover from. So I prefer as a newbie to tend to underwater rather than overwater. I only water when the soil is absolutely dry on top, I just stick half my indicator in it to check. Usually I water only twice a week. Being that every third time I use just correct ph water with nothing added.

Today is monday, I watered them yesterday evening 1 gallon each. By now half have sucked it up, the healthy ones to the left. The two with nitrogen toxicity aren’t drinking properly and the one outside the trellis is the Tahoe OG that had a case of PM and is another case in itself, its almost not drinking at all.

Anyway, I hope I’m not overwatering. I think its more a case of N really, seems like drinkslinger and Myfriends410 share the same opinion. It seems to makes sense. Miracle Grow soil + Pure Blend Pro Bloom + Advanced Nutrients is too much of everything.

I just never considered Miracle Grow soil as a fertilizer and thought it was neutral at this point after all the water that passed through. I considered PBPro a top fertilizer and not that it lacked anything essential but I figured that I could add a few things to boost my yield. It has done just the opposite.

Now I believe I must flush these plants and regulate my mix correctly from now on.

I’d like advice on how many times to water before re-introducing fertilizers and if I should use any product to aid in this process. Also, I have to determine the best quantity of ingredients to add to my mix according to the stage they’re in until the end.

That brings me to need help to determine what “week” they’re in and what to feed them from now on.

My plants will NOT die, they will be healthy and productive. We’re a team.


Looks like they are locked … the roots are drowning. I had a Hydroponic pump failure last year that prevented water circulation. My plant looked like yours after two days of roots in water.


They hit the nail on the head. MG is a fine product. Just hella tough to manage for new growers. Its a ‘slow or time released’ fertilizer that releases N with each watering.

Ur ppms should drop with each watering due to the increase in water and the time in between (which the plants should be ‘eating’ around 600 ppms of every few days. Maybe more) if u check ppm of runoff and it goes up, the MG is still releasing.

Being in flower (however far u are) the plants require less N and more PK. So the over abundance is ‘burning’ ur leaves.

At this stage u have 3 options:

  1. Flush the tar outta ur soil. Its going to lead to more burnt leaves no question. But around gallon 15, u should see ppms begin to fade. Plants will look bad then worse then begin to recover. They will show nute burn n signs of drowning. But this is probably the only way to remove the threat without changing soil.

Option 2: transplant. This is possibly the most dangerous option. Removing the MG soil is almost certain to shock ur ladies and their roots. But itd be the most surefire way to remove the threat. Rinse down roots and repot with a more cannabis friendly soil. U wont need the full body of FF Ocean Farms so i recommend a fairly ‘empty of nutes’ soil. Namely Happy Frog or some potting mix with perlite added. Now im guessing ur around week 3-5 of flower (if u remember when u set ur lights to 12-12, we can get a better ‘round about time’ for flowering) and transplanting this far into flowering is without a doubt risking stress enough to herm a lady or two, but with rooting hormones and an extra hand or two, u could get by relatively without a hitch.

Option 3: and the one id NEVER pick… ride it out. If ur at week 5ish and only have another month or so to go… u could just ride with it. Keep adding only water and if any nutes NO NITROGEN. Absolutely NONE. Ur plants may limp to the finish line. And at harvest u may have some harsh tasting, over nuted buds… but ull have buds. This is the easiest option. But again the one i wouldn’t recommend.

Maybe someone else has a quick fix. But these 3 choices are the ones that stand out


O and sweet setup. Looks like uve put serious planning and quite a few coins into growing. If nothing else… dont let this grow deter u. Do a bit more research. Buy a better soil. And try try again. First grows are rough. And u learn a ton of lessons, improve, and reset. Hang around a bit. And i cant wait to see you harvesting lbs of grade a tasty bud nuggets.


@PurpNGold74 covered it all. You likely have some N toxicity which slowed down your plants’ metabolism enough on the two problem ones that they reduced their demand for water and have been damping off as a result. A flush and reset seems least likely to kill your girls but probable they won’t yield like expected. (I did the same thing on my first grow).

Fabric pots help too.

I would guess your MG soil sports a pretty low PH which will continue to give you trouble.


Ok, i’m back.

Thank you for the instructions, I’ll do my best to turn this around.

Flushing it is. I passed 33 gallons of distilled 6.2 ph water through the plants. I took readings and posted on the table below:

I think the results were amazing! The numbers speak for themselves. I dont know what PPMs are ideal but over 90% reduction is a lot. Tahoe had such an astonishing 10,020 PPM (no wonder it’s dead) that with only a few gallons it lowered to almost half. I will follow this with a post on it.

The soil tipped the scale, I didnt factor it into the equation. If it wasn’t for it I could’ve perhaps had just a little nute burn which I would’ve noticed and corrected easily before damaging the leaves. It caught me by surprise, but thanks to you guys I caught it before it was too late and rescued my girls. Next time its going to be less for more!! Can’t wait…

Thanks again for enlightening me and saving my plants! Wont happen again. I still have half my girls in good health, although probably stunted, but will yield significantly and are very pretty.

I’ll follow up with pictures in a couple of days to show the plants reaction to flushing. I’ll let them dry before watering again. No more Nitrogen for sure! I’ll feed them only nutrients specific for final flowering, I’m sure MG is still going to release its own stuff and supplement it. No more PBPro, which has nitrogen. Let’s see what will be possible to yield from these girls.

Regarding flowering period, according to my records I took the plants inside and changed the light cycle on june 27th, which would put them in week 8 now. But looks like they are still growing, so I don’t know. Unless you don’t count the first week or so of flowering, are these plants overdue?

Yea it takes about 2 weeks to ‘transition’ into flowering. Which’ll put u about week 6. This will definitely hurt the yield a bit (the overabundance of N and the brief drowning experience) but in the long haul will help them make it to the finish. Nice job diving in to handle the issue. Can be a bit scary but uve done the do now. And learnd a lesson or 4 for next round. Now beat thise girls with some heavy PK and lets see those buds swell on up

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